The Pink Conspiracy

The Pink Conspiracy

Unlucky in love Dave uncovers a plot in which all the women in his life are working to drive him to insanity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:conspiracy,   pink,  

Unlucky in love Dave uncovers a plot in which all the women in his life are working to drive him to insanity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben N (gb) wrote: Oh my!! What a broken movie! I have seen my fair share of contrived flicks but this one takes the cake! While I could suspend my belief enough to let majority of the movie go by - the ending was... terrible!! so-so plot, terrible ending.

Eric P (de) wrote: David Cronenbergs heir is true to his father

Mohammed Ammar A (mx) wrote: Only the ambience of rennaissance I could fall into

Ryan S (us) wrote: Not too bad, I felt it was too slow at first, and than once things started happening, it started to become rushed. It had a unique, and interesting plot though, and some decent action. All in all An alright movie, nothing special though.

Kenneth M (fr) wrote: Horrible movie. the hills have eyes meets wrong turn meets the blair witch project

Derek J (ru) wrote: Interesting gimmick drags a bit and starts to feel like a stage play Ultimately, it's one plot twist too many to be a winner.

Jlio A (gb) wrote: Filme quase divertido, legal ver como basta algum saber falar pra fazer as outras pessoas se perderem nos prprios argumentos.

Jakob T (jp) wrote: Every bit as crazy as you can expect from Miike. A fun story of revenge.

Guido S (ca) wrote: In an alternate world where there is Bushcare instead of Obamacare, Jet Li is on a mission to kill off all versions of himself in parallel universes so he can be all powerful and be The One. He's on the last one, when he finds a cop who isn't going to give up that easily. He also has Delroy Lindo and Jason Stathem chasing after him as the timecops of sorts. Carla Gugino plays Li's wife and girlfriend in different universes. The technology is incredibly dated and has a few bad cgi spots, but the story is interesting for a while and it is interesting to see Jet Li fight...Jet Li. Stathem sadly doesn't do much in this. I always seem to remember the final fight in the factory between Li's with everything blowing up and smoking. One of Li's better US movies.

Dave R (de) wrote: Good song. Horrible movie.

Wallis I (ca) wrote: This was really good, even though Sam got it free in the paper :-) Guessed the ending though

Christina B (ca) wrote: Unlike anything I have ever seen! Amazing cinematography! Opened up my mind to reality in other parts of the world. The scene with the chicks broke my heart. Didn't like that scene, but that's reality... While others are worshipping their gods, living their humble lives, and carrying on traditions, capitalism and greed still exist.

Anthony S (fr) wrote: This satire lacks any kind of bite or laughs. Chevy Chase plays himself but doesn't have the material to be funny.

Vesa K (ag) wrote: As Fellini gets older, his movies seems to get more and more rancid. Grand old Marcello Mastroianni plays Snaporaz, elder libertine who meets a sexy woman in a train and follows her. Snaporaz ends to some meeting of radical feminists and quickly starts reality and Snaporaz's memories and dreams mingle. An impressive realization of sexual control and study on different relationships between man and woman.

Roy P (us) wrote: apart from the leading lady

Dave B (au) wrote: Greatest western movie ever.

Art S (jp) wrote: The problem with this film (and perhaps with life generally) is that there is rather too much Louis Jourdan and not enough Maurice Chevalier. That said, the Chevalier here, charming though he may be, is really only one step away from dirty old man (and also tainted by his real-life involvement with the Vichy government). I prefer the young Chevalier energetically enacting French stereotypes in Love Me Tonight (1932). But to return to the film at hand, as I said, there is too much Louis Jourdan and the picture becomes a bit dreary as we wait for him to realize that he is in love with young Leslie Caron. He is much better in Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948). Caron herself is delightful as a rambunctious young girl being groomed to be a courtesan/prostitute - but playing younger than her age (27 playing, what, 16?) exaggerates her age difference with Jourdan which is kind of icky. The songs by Lerner & Loewe vary in quality - only "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" was familiar to me. However, Vincente Minnelli and his art department do work their magic to recreate Paris at the turn of the (last) century and overall the film is diverting enough to have won a bunch of Oscars.

Yash B (de) wrote: Stunning visuals, and a really entertaining adventure. Definitely much longer than it needed to be but its an impressive movie in every way. it's epic and showcases what movies can be when it comes to remakes.

Adrian B (us) wrote: Crime thriller with a twist starting Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins about a art dealer who decides to get revenge by framing his wife