The Pipe

The Pipe

What do people do, when the law prevents them from protecting themselves? Documentary film on the small Irish village that stood up to Big Oil.

What do people do, when the law prevents them from protecting themselves? Documentary film on the small Irish village that stood up to Big Oil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles C (es) wrote: Yes, the overall story line is cliche overused and kinda tired. The approach on this movie is a bit different in that they don't over-analyze nor take away your own thought process by putting everything on the screen. Aside from the 'giggly blonde cheerleader' stereotype that reaches for fame, there are some surprises in character developments (although most characters are kinda like "Cliff Notes", we still can root for 'em). Loved the movie. Not worth paying $11+ to see on the big screen but definitely worth buying or renting. (If you rent it, you'll probably do like I did and buy it...just so you can share it with friends)

Mark A (jp) wrote: How would you react if you knew, at the age of 23, that you only had two months to live, at best? That is the premise of this highly emotional story told unflinchingly under the direction of Isabel Coixet. Sarah Polley is Ann, the woman who gets the devastating news, and decides not to tell anyone that she is dying. That might not be your choice, but given the life she has led to this point, the absent father, the chain smoking mother, the life in a trailer with the first man she kissed and two their kids, her choices make a certain kind of sense. It is not as depressing as it sounds. There are several lighter moments that relive the gloom. Most of those involve her co-worker, Laurie (Amanda Plummer), an image obsessed woman who thinks she is fat and everyone else is successfully dieting. Mark Ruffalo plays Lee, the damaged soul who helps Ann to feel fully alive even as she is letting go of the life she has known. The only false note involved an impossible scenario involving conjoined twins, but it is not central to the story and only briefly interrupted the flow. The story transcended the characters' situations and dealt with a universal theme of mortality and discovering what is truly important in life. The economic situation and the educational level of the characters provided a limiting factor, and gave credence to the choices that Ann makes. Each of us, facing the same prospect, might not make those same choices, but that there would be choices to make was the point and the message of the film. So how would you react?

EvaLena I (ca) wrote: A bit strange story but I liked it. It`s about a quiet that loves going to the theater. She desides to be an actress and meet a lot of intressing people on her way.

Ingela Z (mx) wrote: A film I completely lost, didn't even know it excisted until yesterday... And what a great little project this film was when it came out. Two very young extremely talented actors are together lifting this masterpiece to a higher level than it would have been without them! Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett have glorious, quirky chemistry in the title roles. Ralph Fiennes is such a mercurial actor that while watching this film, it's hard to believe this is the same man that played Amon Goeth in Schindler's List and the Count in The English Patient - completely different people, not even carrying themselves in the same way! Based on Australian novelist, Peter Carey's award-winning book, Oscar and Lucinda, this is a faithful period piece about iconoclasts and their attempt to find love and purpose in strait-laced society despite their fears and obsessions.

Todd G (de) wrote: After many years, I finally sat down to finish watching this film. I began watching it with Jennifer Warren in 2007! We never finished it, and I think we both kind of forgot. I must say, anger toward subject matter aside, I really enjoyed this film. Out was thoughtfully executed, well-shot, and was not rushed. Character development was pretty damn good too. I recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys period dramas -.especially those completed with such care.

Wesley J (ag) wrote: For now, lets just say it is what it is. Look who's in it, look what it's about. A laugh here and there. You know.

Pedro A (nl) wrote: Excelente histria sobre dilemas romntico-morais, ainda mais porque na ressaca dos anos do so-called "amor-livre".

Laura N (fr) wrote: The movie was visually stunning. I really liked the scenes where Marlene Dietrich would gaze through gauze or netting in that alluring way of hers. And she got some pretty good lines, as did the Empress Elizabeth, her predecessor. And the actor who played Peter III, did a pretty good job of looking and acting seriously creepy.

Declan M (au) wrote: A smart and challenging comedy that will have you in stitches whilst dealing with a newly acquired existential crisis.

James O (mx) wrote: Props to Robin Williams for a very convincing performance. This weird thriller is very well directed but just a bit dull. Technically a good film but not great entertainment.

Eva P (de) wrote: Enjoyed the music in this movie as well as how it seemed true love was portrayed, way to modernize vampires well.