The Pirates! Band of Misfits

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Pirate Captain takes a mission to achieve the Pirates of the year Award. The investigation brings Captain and his crew from remote Blood Island to Victorian London's streets where they have exciting adventure . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David B (fr) wrote: Murder she wrote, updated.

Joshua L (es) wrote: I think most MOM's would relate to this film. especially the one's that try to multitask with everything instead of taking the time to sit, relax, and think of ways to make things easier instead of doing things the hard/complicated way. There's a lot of truth to this film which makes it worth watching unfortunately that's the same reason why it wasn't better than it cudda been.

Anthony O (es) wrote: Please don't watch the dubbed version... Great movie, loved all of it!

AD V (mx) wrote: Slightly above average ghost story that other than one rather painfully gory scene could probably pass for a Lifetime Channel movie. Disappointing coming from Eric Red who gave us Near Dark, the original The Hitcher and Body Parts but it's still more entertaining than that J-horror remake stuff.

Paul S (ru) wrote: A B-Movie that was actually not that bad. I have just found out there is a second one of this so I am going in search of it.

Ashley H (es) wrote: Forget Paris is a sweet romantic comedy. It is also a touching film. It's about a guy going to France to bury his dad and he falls in love with the stewardess on his flight. Billy Crystal and Debra Winger give excellent performance. The script is well written. Crystal also did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed this motion picture because of the romance. Forget Paris is a must see if you like romantic comedies.

Victoria L (es) wrote: A more intense Carrie. i don't know about you but i always wanted more with carrie. i love crappy people getting their comeuppance. i cheer all the way. this movie was excellent. i took a chance, and i am so glad that i did!!

Arun C (ca) wrote: If there's one thing Woody Allen is good at, that's embarrassing the crap out of viewers from start till the end of the movie. Interiors is no less with that with all them brilliant performances by the cast.

Augustin D (gb) wrote: Autant les polars de Melville ou Verneuil m'emmerdent profondement, autant j'ai toujours eu un faible pour ceux de Jose Giovani, sans doute parce que ce dernier savait de quoi il parlait. Deux hommes dans la ville raconte le recit d'un homme a la derive, un ancien criminel en voie de reinsertion dont le destin va croiser celui d'un policier vicieux et tenace. Delon est exceptionnel dans ce film.

Justin A (jp) wrote: It has a promising premise, but quickly devolves into guys rolling around in the mud for an hour and a half. It's never really made clear what exactly it is that is stalking the soldiers. I gathered that the bunker was just haunted and occasionally graboids would come from the ground to get people.The acting is actually pretty good, but it's all for nothing. There's no clear indication as to what is going on (whether they're being stalked, the place is haunted, they're all dead, or they're all going crazy from gas) and there's no real "bad guy". Andy Serkis could kind of be seen as the villain, but every character outside of Shakespeare does something bad. So with no clear cut villain, it was hard to care when they all started dying one by one. Only three of the characters are killed off by something supernatural and the supernatural elements happen too sporadically. The ending is also a bit lame, as it was predictable in the "oh that would be dumb" kind of way.A more straightforward and focused plot would have been much better. It's too scatterbrained and very little happens to make this enjoyable, even if on the surface it looks good.

David C (ru) wrote: Top 20 All-Time Western!

Elaine B (es) wrote: I remember viewing this movie during World War II... when the world could use an overdose of sweetness.

Hytham E (mx) wrote: The bad reviews are right!

Lucas Y (us) wrote: Die Hard is a little overrated. The best thing it has going for it is a great good guy and great bad guy. I wouldn't put it in my top 10 favorite action movies though.