The Pit

The Pit

Twelve year-old Jamie Benjamin is a solitary misunderstood boy in his preteens. His classmates pick on him, his neighbors think he's weird and his parents ignore him. But now Jamie has a secret weapon: deep in the woods he has discovered a deep pit full of man-eating creatures he calls Trogs... and it isn't long before he gets an idea for getting revenge and feeding the Trogs in the process!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A solitary and strange boy wreaks revenge on the people who harasses him when he makes a disturbing discovery in the depth of a forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon S (ca) wrote: ( My grade C- ) This might be considered a great movie in the region of the world where it was made but I ,while appreciating the subject matter of a middle eastern woman who's abusive husband is now in a coma, couldn't totally get into. I think that's partly b/c of the style of how the movie was made just came off as odd & disjointed as well as the film being lingering way too long in near silent wallowing. Would've been much better at getting this important women's perspective from that kind of culture across if it was more of a 30-40 minute short film.

Steve W (ag) wrote: I thought this was a great movie. Its basically Red Dawn, but set in Australia and the invaders are of Asian descent (probably North Korean). The characters and acting are really good, and it has some good direction and camera work. There's enough action set pieces and character development for a solid action movie, and maybe a potential franchise.

Alexander Z (ru) wrote: Dread is a great exploration into the mind of sociopathy. No, you won't see a graduate-level analysis, but for a horror movie, it's good enough.

April R (ca) wrote: its a bit of a weird one

Abishai S (jp) wrote: This may be a true story, but it's also offensive. It's propaganda that wants you to become a mormon. Ick. The Other Side of Heaven is offensive.

Joah H (br) wrote: It always comes back to this movie for me.....

Ladii LuV (it) wrote: I say dis movie is just krazy....n funny I just had 2 find this movie .N get in on dvd cause boi its mad krazy....but 4 any one kal them self a player hey dis is wat u goin 2 end up at the end....haha!

Anders A (mx) wrote: Brilliant thriller, realistic as few others. Gut ripping disappearance, and a man left with millions of unanswered questions. A calculation monster of a sociopath carries the answers.

Christine D (mx) wrote: Remembered bits and pieces of this film. I really loved this. Very humourous and with a down to earth storyline that can be related to.

Donibscottctcisnet D (au) wrote: Bad Bad Bad fake giant ants look plastic, fake blood, fake injuries, fake fear--do not waste your time unless you are really hard up or have nothing better to do!

Simon T (ag) wrote: A fun ripping yarn romp with paroxide blond Italians as Vikings.

Linda W (ru) wrote: The Cold War was going strong!

Robert P (nl) wrote: Great conceit for a plot, but Fritz doesn't always seem comftable dealing with the rhythym of talking pictures. Marlene lands a smaker on the heroes lips, "That was for trying", then slaps him twice and hard around the face. "That was for trying too hard"

Blake P (de) wrote: Good news: it's a good movie! College student Peter Lawford is the most popular guy on campus, and is the star football player too. But, he's so focused on girls and his sport, he has little time to pass his classes. Then he gets student librarian June Allyson to tutor him, and (of course) they fall in love. But gold digging Patricia Marshall gets jealous and takes him away for his money. Will June get Peter back? OK, maybe "Good News" isn't "Singin' in the Rain" (is there anything in comparison?), but it's definitely a good example of one of those perfect feel-good movies. During the war, bubbly Technicolor musicals were the popular ones, cheering up audiences. I will say I have noticed that after the war, some of them got a little duller, but with this one, it proves it's not so true! When you get a college theme, it's what you expect: fresh, unknown faces that make this movie more fun, not being too worried about anyone popular doing a good or bad job. Lawford might be a weird cast for being British, but when you get Allyson in a very good performance (for a musical), she saves the day and keeps this movie from getting ruined. Unknown Joan McCracken really impressed me with this one, which was actually her only movie. She is a great dancer, a good singer, and an OK actress, a triple threat and really could have been an earlier Debbie Reynolds had she stayed in Hollywood. She leads all of the show-stopping dancer numbers, and makes them more full of life (OK, maybe thats an exaggeration). "Good News" is a good MGM musical with forgettable songs, but excellent dancing. This one isn't too great, so I would say this one is only for the die-hard musical fans, so I would start with "Best Foot Forward" (another Allyson flick) first, then this one.

Adam R (us) wrote: Very funny, very sweet. A very early sound film for France; part of the fun is to see the parts that Chaplin, Lucille Ball and others 'borrowed.'

Turtleboy G (de) wrote: Not the best, but good for 1968's standards. I thought it was ok for a Batman movie, but not as good as Batman Begins, Dark Knight, and Batman 1989.

Anna H (au) wrote: Boring! Just anothe zombie movie.

Guillaume H (kr) wrote: Among Bergman's very Best.