The Playboys

The Playboys

A young woman, Tara Maguire (Robin Wright) scandalizes her provincial Irish village in the 1950s by having a baby out of a wedlock, and refusing to name the father. She has a rare beauty and every man in town desires her, especially Sergeant Hegarty (Albert Finney). The arrival of a dramatic troupe stirs things up even more, especially when she falls in love with one f the "Playboys", Tom Casey (Aidan Quinn).

A young woman, Tara Maguire scandalizes her provincial Irish village in the 1950s by having a baby out of wedlock, and refusing to name the father. She has a rare beauty and every man in town desires her, especially Sergeant Hegarty (Albert Finney). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nandan T (br) wrote: Sully's phone calls with his wife are little repetitive and annoying. The first half was slow, but picks up in the second half. Overall, a successful flight of a movie. The story needed to be told. Recommended!

Brutal R (au) wrote: Movie was pretty good, i think it had a good story line going on. It was sad and made me cry in some parts.

(it) wrote: Cast: Abigail Breslin, Alessandro Nivola, Elisabeth Shue, Peter Stormare, Joel David Moore, Frances Fisher, Brittany Snow, Frank Whaley, Rodney Eastman, David Lee Smith Director: David M. RosenthalSummary: Has-been rock star Ethan Brand is attempting a comeback when a former groupie tells him he has a 13-year-old daughter, Janie, and leaves her in his care. Janie must then convince the hedonistic Ethan to reform and accept his responsibilities.My Thoughts: "I really enjoyed the movie and it's story. Abigail Breslin has changed into a very beautiful young adult. What hasn't changed is her great talent. She is great in this film, and her voice is great as well. She also shows some great talent on the guitar. It was a pleasant surprise. Alessandro Nivola aslo is fantastic in the film and has a great voice as well. The story may have been done before, but not with so much heart. I really felt the father and daughter relationship that started out complicated and awkward grew into a loving and protective relationship. It's a funny, touching, and honest film. The film also has some great music. A film I would recommend."

jing b (ca) wrote: this movie put me to sleep.nonsense

Official C (gb) wrote: "Flightplan" has a tense and intriguing start and slowly dissolves into a bunch of clichs losing its effective, suspenseful atmosphere.

Alex K (br) wrote: Enjoyed it a lot more then the first it had some great scenes of action and horror and it was great seeing Kate Beckinsale naked. After watching this film I am looking forward to watching Underworld 3 and 4.

Gabe P (mx) wrote: Literally the best thing I've ever seen in a few decades. I have never been so touched by a film in so many different places. I am once again for the first time since the beginning of the characters are you looking at it.

Gillian M (gb) wrote: very good film just a little bit complicated for an action film and I kept becoming confused, you really need to pay attention. its only flaw is it's very predictable (you see the twists coming) but it is very enjoyable none the less.

Hannah M (ru) wrote: One of my childhood favorites and a go-to movie for me on a rainy day.

Trailer Trash T (es) wrote: Corrupted representation of history, messy and completely "under influence" (pot, drugs, alcoho, despair), This movie is a collection of real random screenshots (that were actually shot in the Warhol's silver-painted Factory) linked by a fictional backbone that is more a giant documentary about the fucked up Edie than a movie about her NYC early successes. Fictions overlaps reality anytime, but there is nothing more amazing than watching her living gracefully in the empty swimming pool of the decaying family mansion in Los Angeles

Gianni V (ca) wrote: I hate it when the good guy dies in the end :-(

Private U (fr) wrote: Something in this film made me uncomfortable.The over-long and too-explicative dialogues?The superficial,over-the-top characters?Or is it the too-patriotic moral it gives?The three,probably.

Jerome W (au) wrote: Much to my surprise I'm doing this again. In my current circumstances I don't have much else to do. I just had to move hurriedly. This house is only a fifteen minute drive from my previous one but it feels like the other side of the moon. There are very few stores within walkng distance and the only bus route that passes by does not operate on weekends. Plus a taxi ride to the nearest Metro station would cost in the $30-40 range. I can't get to any music or video stores with any ease. And to top it off I can only get basic cable with no uncut movie channels. Thank God for Netflix. Otherwise I would be going crazy by now. I'll probably buy a car again a few months from now but for the time being this sucks. I've watched a few things in my diminished conditions but not much. "Carlton Brown Of The F.O." was a lesser Boulting Brothers satire about British foreign policy in the 50's that hasn't worn well and basically wastes the talents of Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers. "Stand Up And Cheer" was Shirley Temple's debut feature which I had first seen many years ago. It was a lot shorter and lighter on plot than I realized before. The musical numbers were OK but you could see this was a pretty cheap affair compared to other 30's musicals. Happly it was uncut so Stepin Fetchit's scenes were left in but so was a amazing bit by two comics named Mitchell and Durant literally throwing themselves around an office which I didn't remember at all. Currently I'm making my way through a bunch of TV shows. There's the third season of "The Simpsons" which I own and which finally has made me see how good that series has been at its peak. In lesser animation, there's "The Milton The Monster Show", a forgotten cartoon show from the 60's with passable animation and the kind of humor that relies mostly on funny voices like a cowboy who talks like Buddy Hackett and an Indian with an Irish accent. It's nowhere neat the quality of Roger Ramjet, Beany And Cecil, Rocky And Bullwinkle or any of the other classics but it's passable and has the occasional good joke. Then there's "The Hitchhiker" which was HBO's try at a thriller anthology a decade before "Tales From The Crypt". It was produced by the same company that did "Tales From The Darkside" and so far looks predicatably cheap although one episode "Homebodies" had a bit of style. I was stunned though to see Geraldine Page turn up in one episode. Hopefully I'll keep this up for a while this time and not pussy out in a few weeks...

Harry W (mx) wrote: Although Blue Streak features a clearly Implausible plot and it could have used more laughs, It's held strongly by many other qualities.Blue Sreak is similar to Bad Boys, but lacking the Buddy Touch he had when Martin Lawrence was teamed up with Will Smith.Blue Streak never would have worked if it didn't have Martin Lawrence and he wasn't skilled with Bad Boys experience, but his talented comic timing keeps the ball rolling with a strong lead in Blue Streak.Theres also support from Luke Wilson trying his best and supporting Martin Lawrence at every term.Even though it had an implausable plot, it was a decent one that made Blue Streak work and gave a good character to Martin Lawrence to work with.Blue Streak even features good cinematography some good action, as well as a prolonged action-packed ending. Basically, Blue Streak is like Bad Boys 0.7, because it has good action and comedy, but just no Will Smith.

C J (us) wrote: great cast, boring and predictable movie