The Player

The Player

A Hollywood studio executive is being sent death threats by a writer whose script he rejected - but which one?

Griffin Mill, a studio script screener gets on the bad side of a writer by rejecting his pitch. The writer is sending him threatening postcards. Drawn into a web of blackmail and murder, Griffin must evade the police investigation that he caused. But he must also watch his back, because in Hollywood, there';;s always another person to take your place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Player torrent reviews

Christina E (fr) wrote: Fell asleep. Wanda Sykes is the only redeeming factor of these new movies. #TOOmanySequels

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Larry David may not be the best choice for the role of Woody Allen's alter-ego, but the film's script, written in the 1970s, is a refreshing return to the first half of Allen's career and to his beloved New York after the movies he made in London and Spain.

Brian C (br) wrote: Brutal with a great story. It low budget shines through in scratchy film and iffy audio quality. But a top notch story, surrealism, and ultra brutal gore. I highly recommend this movie. An Eric Stanze masterpiece

Teala F (ag) wrote: its funny to watch and he play a good character

Vasco C (ag) wrote: A very bad mix between Armageddon, Twister, Deep impact, Day After Tomorrow, [insert disaster movie here]. One star for the fact that it tries to make money on Roland Emmerich's "2012".

Michelle A (jp) wrote: no info = no interest

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Sure, the effects don't hold up so well these days, but this is still an excellent disaster flick. Some great characters and interplay between them.

Daniel C (ag) wrote: A bit shallow and manipulative, but it still works like a charm. Utterly horrific and hopeless.

Scott C (gb) wrote: I remember their were some good moments, but I was bored overall.

Jacob H (ca) wrote: The beginning SLUGGED along but when it got to the actual island (minus the natives) was fun film. Far from perfect but fun. It ran about an hour and a half too long.

David T (nl) wrote: Didn't read the comic book but plan to as I'm sure it's fun. I find it interesting that because of this adaptation, Dark Horse ended the comic's run. I don't know how close they stuck with the original material. I'm sure this was like every other comic adaptation at the time where the studios looked at the comics but didn't necessarily read them. Judging by the fans responses, I don't think they stuck to the comic. My opinion, I think this is a very cool looking movie but that's about it. I don't think Pam Anderson was casted right. I don't think she's a bad actress, she just needs the right material. I don't like remakes but I wouldn't mind seeing this remade. I think this would work better as a series than a film to be honest.