The Players

The Players

A series of short films set around the theme of infidelity.

A series of short films set around the theme of infidelity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (es) wrote: Slow & Not Very Intriguing Whatsoever. Makes The Same-Sex Love Scene Appear Far More Bland Then What Grinder, Adult-Matchmaker Or The Mardi-Gra's Might Have You Believe.

Frances H (fr) wrote: Intriguing drama of a woman facing her own death without tons of melodrama.

Joshua R (ca) wrote: I'm not sure if it's my morbid fascination with or dabbling in nihilism, my love of Warburton's deep-voiced deadpan, or my vicarious enjoyment as I too one day wish to become a scamming lounge lizard/used car salesman, but I *love* this movie!

Ghaal S (es) wrote: Such a sweet and classic love story.

Jevro W (de) wrote: Such a sweet love story poofta style

Delphine P (it) wrote: So great ! So funny ! Kaurismaki definitly a great director.

smiley h (es) wrote: faut connaitre le context mais l'ensemble est assez bien tourne et les acteurs plutt bien choisis

Erik H (it) wrote: Weird movie. Great action sequences. Really unforgivable/odd stuff to keep the plot moving; a bit lazy even for an action movie. But what the heck do I know? I can't fly helicopters and Frank Murphy can. Cool shit. Had a good time. Love helicopter chases.

Larry Y (au) wrote: not as good as FIRECRACKER

Eric H (br) wrote: Excellent coming of age story set in Scotland. Funny, original, and missing all of the ridiculous trappings of American teen comedies. The film is so offbeat that it takes a little while to get into, but it is well worth sticking out for the duration. Ostensibly the story of a misfit teenager who finds himself infatuated with the pretty new female striker on his soccer team, the movie essentially just paints a picture of life in an unfamiliar, yet very engaging place. The acting isn't particularly world class, but John Sinclair does well as Gregory, and he carries most of the film's weight. Even if not incredibly well acted, all of the characters are authentic and charming. I'm not sure this film deserves its spot on the New York Times 1000 Best Ever Made list, but it's certainly an enjoyable movie. Recommended.

Brendan A (de) wrote: The movie Bronson made before 'Death Wish' made him a megastar.This tough action movie is based on an Elmore Leonard novel, Bronson is in excellent form as Vince Majestyk, a watermelon farmer in the depression becomes the target of mobsters and hitmen when he hires a group of Mexican immigrants to work on his farm instead of locals- when his worker's lives are threatened, Majestyk fights back. The movie moves along at a nice pace and is consistently entertaining. Ranks as one of Bronson's best, but most under appreciated movies. The book's well worth reading too.

Ben D (kr) wrote: One of the most emotionally moving and poignant films I've ever seen.

Alfredo S (us) wrote: A horrible unfunny blatant rip-off of Army Of Darkness and a Kid in King Arthurs court