The Pleasure Garden

The Pleasure Garden

A small picturesque town at the turn of the century. The conservative views of the townspeople are shaken when they find out that the school teacher Franzén published his own poetry anonymously many years ago. At the same time he acknowledges his love affair with a waitress at the city hotel, Fanny. What is most upsetting is the fact that Fanny has a grownup daughter, Anna, with no known father. Could their poet teacher be the father although he and Fanny are not married? Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

A small picturesque town at the turn of the century. The conservative moral of the townspeople is shaken when they find out that the school teacher Franzén published his own poetry ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roche F (jp) wrote: Gritty, spiky, loveable, and poignant with it.Saw it again after many years and howled....

Scott W (nl) wrote: Definitely not the best Clint Eastwood has to offer. It is surprisingly safe, and basically just follows the script of the musical. The reason why I give it a mild recommendation is I like the music, and there are enough songs in here to keep me through to the end. The period look is also captured pretty well. And I liked the actors playing Tommy and Frankie. From a storytelling perspective, it lacks a bit. And it bugged me that Clint had to put a shot in there of a character watching one of his movies.

agustin g (br) wrote: A very raw and realistic film that doesn't sugar-coat it. Great movie with a great cast to helm it. Zoe Kravitz is just perfect. I admire the director, Victoria Mahoney, for giving it her all to sprout her vision onto the movie scene. The experience of the film was very humble and not over the top. It was simple, but complex. Great independent film and hope that more people get to watch it and love it as much as I had.

Joel R (br) wrote: Standard-issue musician biopic with sex, drugs and...Salsa! Lopez overdoes it but is kinda charming in small doses.

Michael P (br) wrote: I've met Mark a couple of times and he has as good a personality as comes through in the movie. But I am even more grateful that he could put onto film the feelings attached with reading a great work, as well as the insights attached to those who create such a work.

Jri K (fr) wrote: Probably I am a bit biased, being a horse person.

Michael R (it) wrote: Interesting take on the Black Sox scandal, and great casting. Also good costuming, something I basically never comment on with movies.

Tony S (mx) wrote: i loved this movie as a child and still do today!!!!!

Faisal K (mx) wrote: Yash Chopra: Personal Favorites

C Damien B (nl) wrote: This Priceless masterpiece has just enough gore to fit the plotline, but not enough gore to bog it down. A perfect balance with perfect acting. And, I have to point out that though the poodle scene was twisted (to say the least,) it balanced out the Looney Tune-esque attitude of Vincent's lines in the scene. Overall, this is an excellent movie, and I highly recommend giving it at least a chance.

Adrian B (it) wrote: Pretty decent horror with a twist about some strange ongoings in a local town.