The Plot Against Harry

The Plot Against Harry

A small-time Jewish racketeer, just out of prison, finds himself in a quandary. Returning to his old neighborhood, he finds that the streets that he and his friends once controlled have now been taken over by blacks and Hispanics. On top of that, he must try to get back with his family, who want nothing to do with him.

A small-time Jewish racketeer, just out of prison, finds himself in a quandary. Returning to his old neighborhood, he finds that the streets that he and his friends once controlled have now... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khris P (fr) wrote: This is a great film

oxana (mx) wrote: A slightly strange, bizarre movie. It felt like the camera work and plot were slightly off their medication as well.The beginning of the movie made somewhat more sense than the rest of it, but it was a bit jerky. Sure, that was the style that was maintained thorough the entire film, and while it was kind of fascinating, it also made the movie confusing - which wasn't good at all.I watched this movie to see Milo Ventimiglia, I admit, and in that respect I don't regret watching the film at all. Milo as Rick was strong, arrogant, smart(ass), and fantastic to look at.Rhys Coiro as John, on the other hand, was shaky, and totally off his rocker most of the time. His character was supposed to be messed up, I get that, but in the end it just didn't work out that well.Not the worst movie I've seen, and there were some good moments in the fast-paced plot, but all in all it was a bit too jerky and insane for my tastes.I liked the music of the movie, though. Might buy the soundtrack.

Esteban Maximiliano C (es) wrote: lovely music and a charming story.

Matthew W (es) wrote: I nice, calm movie of one man finding passion late in life. It takes time to settle in, but you must pay attention. Nice little jokes and powerful scenes when you least expect them. And it contains two really funny garden gnome jokes.

Wahida K (it) wrote: Very nice mini Series.

shawn W (gb) wrote: Great movie great suspense and Eva Mendes and Sanaa Lathan damn that bad lol

Jonathan O (mx) wrote: It has some good suspense and a twisted ending, but there are a lot of holes in-between (the "decorated" General wears a Medal of Honor; just a little over the top). The Morgan Freeman scenes are great, but the rest kind of drags. And, I find it hard to believe an ex-marine and his wife (a controversial trial lawyer) don't have guns in their house or on their person. Of course had they had a gun available, the suspense would have been non-existant.

Alex F (jp) wrote: Saw it today and yesterday, stopped at about 55 minutes. Totally messed up Osaka, some rock music is played and our couple-in-love gets drunk! it is an 18+ movie so the street fights are quite brutal and you should really see it, as towards the end it is fulll of nasty surprises. The same as in the other "young thugs" plot, the name of our guy is Riichi, what else could it be- as for Osaka, they either think "rich", or "reach", when they choose that name, however, lately, i was considering it could as well mean "roach". OK yes japanese can not have firearms that easily as Americans so they usally carry a baseball baton. In real world, sometimes, when I tried to write comments to japanese people, they just replied "It is a baton", or some sentence containing that spelling. So I think unless you stay inside your car or the safety of your home, all what you see could really happen to youuuuu...hell wait, you are a foreigner, aren't you? In this movie it's more about adults while in the other "young thugs", it is teen boys. If you enjoy nasty surprises and street fighting, go for it. On the other hand there is something about hair cutting but that is also imprinted on the backside...

Christina E (ca) wrote: Humorous. Marked it off my check list. Meh.

Michael W (br) wrote: Depicts the Story of Delta Co., 3rd US Infantry Regiment (THE OLD GUARD) my brother was in that unit. great movie. a classic. by far my favorite.

Victor M (es) wrote: A masterpiece from Bergman, a reflection about life, love, dreams. An honest film about failed relationships, failed parents, failed people. It seems that there is no possibility for happy people in this crew.