The Plumber

The Plumber

At first simply grating, the presence of a hard-edged, macho plumber who damages more than he repairs and returns day after day soon turns menacing for the intellectual wife of a distracted doctor.

A young couple, living in a campus apartment complex, are repeatedly harassed by an eccentric plumber, who subjects them to a series of bizarre mind games while making unnecessary repairs to their bathroom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyson P (kr) wrote: made me chuckle only a few times but only afew

IMDB (nl) wrote: 1.6/10 It's hard to even put this in to words. This movie honestly looked like a group of people threw this together in a week using a camcorder. I believe they started off trying to make a serious movie, then tried to make it a comedy when they realized how bad it was, and then failed at making it into a comedy. From what I could gather (Without skipping through) A guys girlfriend drowns, he goes to Europe. Dracula wakes up. People turn into bad acting vampires, and there's a bad ending. European women must be really trusting, because they have no trouble walking up to shrouded, hideously disfigured strangers, completely unarmed. There's all of 2 seconds of female nudity in the film, but believe me, you'd be better off watching "Porky's". God forbid you actually buy this thing like I did. I suppose I should have taken a hint when a new DVD only cost me 5 bucks. This is also one of the only dvd's I've seen that had no menu or scene selection. Even Crummy bootlegs usually give you that much. Please don't think that you can buy this thing just to make fun of it. The bad comedy makes even that joy impossible. Movies like this are the basic reason why independent films are so heavily frowned upon. I'm sure the makers had good intentions, and they probably enjoyed making it. But even Troma films have a certain degree of cheap disgusting charm to them, this one is just soul less.

Clare U (ca) wrote: I saw this movie in a film class about the cold war, and along with Dr. Strangelove, this film really stuck out for me. It's about a young teacher in East Germany struggling with his homosexuality. It was really emotional and personal, something I think many people would relate to and enjoy. It made me cry.

Thas J (gb) wrote: A msica que o Anthony Perkins canta show.

Matthew D (kr) wrote: A great study of human nature both as it is always throughout time and as it was in the period of turmoil in which it was made; constantly shifting yet never truly transforming. There are some daring decisions in the portrayal of certain characters, to say more would be to give too much away, but more importantly the central conceit works elegantly and Hitchcock once again perfectly places the audience as the silent extra occupant of the boat.

Al H (nl) wrote: Interesting and funny

Kevin W (us) wrote: Great movie, never get tied of nick cage, "son you got a panny hose on your head"

Julia F (us) wrote: Why are they still making these?