The Poet

The Poet

A contract killer sees a chance to free himself from a tragic past.

A contract killer sees a chance to free himself from a tragic past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter B (it) wrote: Great Movie.....if your into the nerd meet Stripper love story....Had wrote something like this back in the day when I was a nerd

Alex P (es) wrote: This and Goodbye Solo were enough to convince me: Bahrani is a unique American director whose approach to film making carries almost no trace of being American. Take note, American directors: this is how you make a film with this type of subject matter. It's never condescending, never judgmental, and never paints its characters with a fixated moral position. It doesn't sensationalize, it doesn't want to attract your sympathy. It just wants to share a slice of life.

David S (it) wrote: Emile Hirsh and Victor Rasuk really stand out, awesome film

Tim M (gb) wrote: I feel like there are many people who would pan this in their mind before seeing the film. Candy had something in him that I didn't expect and even if you can't buy Candy and Sheedy in a relationship; the return of O'Hara and an interested Quinn (which was saying something this late in his career) make this one you shouldn't miss.

Everardo C (kr) wrote: actuaciones increbles temas bien tratados y una historia digna de contarse

Tony R (us) wrote: Volker Spengler's performance is a timeless work of art. It is perhaps the greatest performance I have ever seen. Unfornately, the film is not one of Fassbinder's best; loose and meandering...but Spengler dazzles.

Edgar C (de) wrote: Magnificent and all embracing neorealist work of art, being directly inspired by the classic Italian masters and applying, at the same time, visual beauty of tremendous emotional weight almost worth of a Tarkovsky or an Angelopoulos masterpiece. Olmi shows, through his inspirational scope and an almighty musical score, the most realistic and invigorating depiction of peasant poverty, a rare human breed that shows an immense passion for life and independence of God, perhaps not in the way it is supposed to be, yet managing to incarnate humankind's universality and fortitude of the spirit, like if the soul and Nature itself were merged into one single entity of life idealization. 100/100

Laura F (gb) wrote: derekaggravate edge go v