The Point of Regret

The Point of Regret

Yorkshire, 1978. A mother, father and their three year old son are brutally stabbed to death while they sleep. There is no motive. They were a model family. The nation is outraged by the senseless killings. Incredibly, the British public are overwhelmingly in favour of bringing back the death penalty to see justice carried out. Even more incredibly the killer, who is caught red-handed trying to drag the father's body out of the house, manages to hide the three year old's body in a place where the investigators, the police and even their dog teams would never find it. For months all the nation can talk about is the "Kid Killer" but, and this is the most incredible fact of all, not because he cold-bloodedly stabbed to death a three year old, his mother and his father, but because these innocent victims were also his family. The "Kid Killer" was their twelve year old son William.

1978. A mother, father and their 3 year old son are murdered. The killer their 12 year old son William. 2008. William is released with a new identity and wants to die. Ryan needs the story. A story of courage, sacrifice and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (gb) wrote: Usually the 2nd movie is a dud but this was just as funny if not more than the frist - loved it....This time the gay guy goes str8 to get another guy ??? sounds bizarre but very humorous how it all plays out.. Definitely worth a watch and a giggle..

Amber A (es) wrote: It was definitely striking. I'm not sure if I was more disturbed by the film itself or the audience reaction to the film. Could do without all the senseless snail slaughter. Crispin Glover's Q&A session afterward definitely made me appreciate it more.

Caylin L (ru) wrote: If it's Saskatchewan history, I love it ;)

Mayank A (es) wrote: Sickening story, when it try's to make amends in the end it messes up more. The grainy images and 158 minutes duration added to the unpleasantness of this hateful movie.

Christine R (mx) wrote: i love Alan Rickman!!

Heather M (it) wrote: Deliciously over the top.

Ren S (us) wrote: Great = 4/5Certainly still the best Underworld film to date. Not only is it the best of the series, but it's actually also genuinely a good and entertaining film altogether. I really enjoy it!

Keegan M (ag) wrote: A classic and must watch.