The Poker House

The Poker House

Actress Lori Petty makes her directorial debut with this poignant, beautifully crafted film about a teenage girl trying to survive the dismal circumstances of her life with dignity, humor, and basketball.

The film follows Agnes and her two sisters as they struggle through a day in a home where her mother is strung out on drugs, her home has been overrun by degenerates, and her only father figure is a pimp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoshi S (es) wrote: Bravo! Fantastic! Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were great together! No wonder she won the Oscar. Oscar winner for best director, Damien Chazelle wrote and created very colorful, pop, bitter sweet and wonderful musical movie! I loved Whiplash too! I loved LA traffic musical opening! Absolutely it was like West Side Story! Also it reminded me Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain and lots of classic movies. Climax was fantastic! I was speechless! I loved songs, even Take on Me and I Run! Maybe John Legend was little annoying... But I had a great time! Watch it with loud surround sound!

John F (mx) wrote: I wish we could have seen some things after 1996 but regardless this movie was still epic. A true representation of one of the greatest bands to walk this planet.

Nate (nl) wrote: i dont know what to think about this . . .

Phillip W (au) wrote: Kind of a weird movie.

Private U (de) wrote: it wasss,,, ok i guess::)

Leo K (es) wrote: You'll only LOVE this film if your a spiritual nut. Beautiful scenery, lovely music but didn't feel like a film rather something put together to put across spiritual points. Enjoyable though!

Warren W (it) wrote: A bit of a slow start, but then the story really picked up in the middle. Great acting from Jeff Bridges, with an even greater ending.

Jake M (gb) wrote: As a Rocky fanboy, this is my personal favorite. There's no doubt that the first film is the strongest, but Rocky 3 is the most entertaining! Mr T as Clubber Lang was just perfect casting. He's so over the top and scary. They couldn't have picked someone better. With the 80s Rock, Hulk Hogan, and kickass fights, this has everything we love about Rocky!

Stuart K (mx) wrote: After the success of Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965), director Ken Annakin decided to do a sort-off sequel, this time doing it around a car race. He assembled an all star cast, as he'd done before, and had it on just as epic a scope. It's fun while it lasts, and it's probabily one of the last of these all star comedies before they went out of fashion. Set during an international car rally in Europe, where the contestants start from various points, (John O'Groats, Sweden, Portugal, Sicily and Athens), it's an ensemble piece which follows the different kinds of drivers that take part. From posh rotter Sir Cuthbert Ware-Armitage (Terry-Thomas) and Percy Perkins (Eric Sykes), the co-driver he's blackmailing. American mechanic Chester Schofield (Tony Curtis) and the posh girl Betty (Susan Hampshire). There's also military inventors Major Digby Dawlish (Peter Cook) and Lt. Kit Barrington (Dudley Moore) racing through Sweden and Denmark against jewel smuggler Willi Schickel (Gert Frbe). It's a live action very of the Wacky Races essentially, but it's good silly family fun, the kind of film they just don't make anymore. It's well made, (although there is alot of rear-projection), and the romantic subplot is half-baked. But, it holds hope. It was released in America under the title of Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies

Antonia H (ca) wrote: I can appreciate the great acting but I didn't enjoy this film & had to look away quite a few times. Not pretty.

Leonard D (es) wrote: After several decades, it felt kinda odd to see one of the most iconic movie monsters receive a modern day treatment. Well, to my surprise, with Peter Jackson at the helm, fresh off of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, it works! to a fault. The human characters were not that interesting in a film based around a giant ape, and this once again proves my point! The natives of the island were not only creepy, but more interesting. Jack Black and Adrien Brody were completely miscasted, and didn't fit the time period of this film! As for the effects? Some looked good, and others, not so much. It was so obvious that they were fake, including that brontosaurus stampede scene! You could tell that they used green screen, damn! But a couple scenes that I give the creators high props for, is the t-Rex fight sequence, and the giant insects at the bottom of the chasm! Those are awesome and terrifying! So, the film as a whole, is both hit and miss, but it's kinda worth a watch again! And trust me when I say this. This remake is a masterpiece compared to the new one, Kong Skull Island!