The Pool Boys

The Pool Boys

A pool boy and a gardener turn an empty mansion into a home for women who belong to the world's oldest profession.

A pool boy and a gardener turn an empty mansion into a home for women who belong to the world's oldest profession. The company grows like wildfire as they get caught in more and more hilarious situations... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brianna C (gb) wrote: The only positive part of this entire movie was Selena Gomez being cast as Cinderella.

Matas C (it) wrote: El tema es interesante e invita a la reflexion, pero me parece que la pelicula se pasa de largo: casi dos horas y media de duracion (y en las butacas del Arteplex!!). A eso llamo yo cine-sacrificio.

Sherry B (es) wrote: This movie is ok, but the best part is when Michael Jackson shows up!!!

Antigone A (jp) wrote: I LOVED IT!!!! Two brothers who try to fix their relationship when Kyra Shedwyke finds out that her brother (Kiefer Sutherland) suffers from AIDS. Kiefer is excellent here, not the bad guy as we were used to watch him and touches you with his acting!!! He's a brilliant actor like his father and prooves that all the time!!

Frances H (gb) wrote: Not very good, even for the 80s. The angel in question is really beautiful and the only reason for guys to watch this flick.

Heskimo H (fr) wrote: great movie, loads of fun

Ratnakar S (jp) wrote: One movie really worth a watch, if ur r seeking to understand the Arab history and their resistance against colonialism. Antony Quinn first rate as usual as Omar Mukhtar, and some good supporting performances too by Oilver Reed as Graziani and Rod Stieger as Mussolini. Add to it some spectacular desert battle scenes.

SKYWALKER R (mx) wrote: exelente, risas y solo risas

Ian R (ag) wrote: By this stage, Godard was really doing away with conventional narrative and was in transition to his post-1968 work with the Dziga Vertov group. Drawing heavily on the ideas Brecht brought to the theatre, this isn't a film for everyone. We see the camera crew, hear the director asking questions of the characters, scenes are interrupted by slogans and still images from sources as varied as Chinese Communist art and Marvel comics. the film is a loose adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novel "The Possessed" and features five middle-class students discussing their Marxist-Leninist ideals in a series of five dialogues. it's in these dialogues where the real focus of the film takes place: this isn't so much a political essay as a character study, of five politically charged characters. the disrupting elements and the pop iconography don't detract from the energy and tension building up to the non-climax. The nature of the (anti)climax gives a clue to what I feel was Godard's real intention in this film. far from being a pro-Maoist diatribe, it's a prescient critique of an impassioned, but misguided, youth that feel they have learned the slogans and the theories but have no real life experience, are far removed from the proletariat they claim to be fighting for.

Michael H (es) wrote: Outrageously melodramatic opening credits set the stage for a fun, though flawed, tale of spiritual possession and occult charlatanism. If you're tolerant of some heavy-handed storytelling and a bit of spiritualistic nonsense, there's plenty of fun to be had in this film.

Ric A (es) wrote: Love Rosie suffers from the same plague as One Day's; once the timeline jumps, the fluidity gets lost. And although there are many cliches used in this film, it is still one hell of a poignant ride with a few surprising emotional depth.

Charles James I (gb) wrote: This film churns away the rusty iron wheel of deception and lies. As it squeaks, each dilapidated gear clangs and grinds. The rusty fragments of iron sprinkle down on your unsuspecting face. This is noir.Highly entertaining. Highly suspenseful. Highly under-appreciated. Join the privileged few, and give this little ruby noir a peep.