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Karsh D (de) wrote: Tough watch this but only because of the storyline. Based on actual events of children being deported to Australia and secrets held back from those families. Emily Watson once again puts in a superb performance.

Vanessa R (ru) wrote: not at all what i expected, but i still liked it.

Meghan S (us) wrote: This is a decent movie, I feel a little lost though. The movie overall was just very confusing, the pattern of the movie made it feel very jumbled. The actors/actresses were good, but the film itself was just okay.

Steve D (de) wrote: Ignoring some character existence and making it the stifler show was ill-advised but it was funny

Jerome P (us) wrote: The soundtrack never really finds its place (save for The Gin Blossoms). However, the characters are varied, identifiable and interesting. They're supposed to be these cool kids working at this cool place. But really they're a band of misfits with something in common. Which endears me to them. I like them all. It's a great little movie.

Ninjaw P (gb) wrote: ENFIN j'ai pu voir cette adaptation de 91 de Koontz, ben c'est carrement pas mal, ca pue correctement le koontz, malgre les basquettes blanches de 1990 et la coupe chuck norris

Chris W (br) wrote: "Crawlspace" is the first effort from Australian writer/director Justin Dix. It's a modest film with a slim budget, but it doesn't entirely wave in front of your face. The film features a very claustrophobic atmosphere, a lot of dark and creepy lighting, and a few effective tense moments. Writing-wise, "Crawlspace" begins like a branch off of "Aliens" and "Resident Evil" or some other 80s actions flick. Once the film rolls into the second and third act--albeit while dragging its tail behind it--it takes on a bit of a cerebral feel. The plot twist was quite welcomed here though, especially because "Crawlspace" initially comes off as a mindless B movie centered around action and gore. As far as the acting goes, surprisingly, most of the actors are pretty solid. You have the level-headed Romeo, the old friend Fourpack, the brash and noisy Wiki, and her counterpart Kid. Of course you have the central character Eve, and they spend most of the film on her. Overall, "Crawlspace" is a good effort for a first-time writer/director. It offers some interesting ideas and concepts, but it stumbles at the execution. I was a bit bored in some parts of this one, I was expecting some more action. Then again, the budget wasn't amazing huge, so it's understandable. They spent their money wisely in the set design, special, and visual effects.If you're into sci-fi horror, at least give it a rental. Slight recommend.

Ari R (mx) wrote: Classic. Where it all started.

Roger O (ru) wrote: New York rammes av en rekke uforklarlige drap. En sniper skyter fjorten mennesker ned p gaten. En purk gr bananas under en parade. En far gnner ned kone og barn, og preiker etterp om kordan han skylder dem til Gud fordi Abraham i sin tid var villig til ofre sin snn til den samme Gud. Felles for alle drapene er at drapsmannen - noe kryptisk - kan fortelle at -"God told me to. Deretter dr de, som sniperen som bare kaster seg utfor taket. Det er etterforsker Peter J. Nicholas, spilt av Tony Lo Bianco som skal forske oppklare mysteriet. Og for en supersr sci-fi grsser dette er. Tidvis rotete fortalt, men full av ugne yeblikk og flere spaca scener -inkludert et romvesen med en vagina inni ribbena! Det viser seg at drapsmennene er under en slags hypnotisk pvirkning av barn av beskende fra verdensrommet! Der har du det alts - far far out. Den katolske Peters egen tro og bakgrunn skal etterhvert komme ubehagelig nre kjernen i historien. Helt kurant spill hele veien -og dette er bra skrudd sammen av Larry Cohen, som ogs gjorde filmer som It's Alive (1974), Perfect Strangers (1984) og Return to Salem's Lot (1987). Innimellom er vi innom Blackploitation-sjangeren faktisk. Se opp for kul gjesterolle av selveste Andy Kaufman, som spiller bananaspurken. Filmen skapte forvrig en del rabalder i religise kretser. Kunne lett vrt en klassiker dette - ikke bare en kult-klassiker.

Ketutar J (kr) wrote: Buzzy Potatosalad... LOL I love Danny Kaye :-)

Ashley M (ca) wrote: It was a really weird movie but it was okay in the end it was just really slow at the beginning

Hng N (de) wrote: "Life is meant to live. Live abundantly Here...if you look around this cemetery, you'll see there are two dates on every tombstone. There's a birthday and there is a date of death. Every human being is guaranteed those two days. But the little dash that lies in between those two numbers - That's what defines our life so MAKE YOUR DASH COUNT. Live. Really. Live"

C B (mx) wrote: Good effort for Rooster Teeth's first attempt at a feature-length film. Good music, and looks great. Yeah, jokes were for young dudes (about 12 to 14, I'd say), but it was still fun and energetic. Both the script and the finished film would benefit from editing. The story needed to make a bit more sense. The gags needed to snap more. The jokes were held out such that they seemed to be waiting for the slowest thinkers to catch up. Cut out 4 or 5 minutes and it will be a better film.