The Possessed

The Possessed

A former priest, now an exorcist, battles the satanic forces that are threatening the students at a girls school.

A former priest, now an exorcist, battles the satanic forces that are threatening the students at a girls school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maddy A (us) wrote: finally emraan delivered a movie and not just songs! prashant narayan finally gets a mainstream role after so many years and is right on the money as the serial killer.Jacqueline is d next katrina!

Scott C (br) wrote: Not the most entertaining of films, but has a good message.

Ben M (it) wrote: This movie was great. It fills the void of sailing movies that has existed since Wind got boring. These 15 sailors did something incredible, and were inspiring for sailors of any age.

Jerry J (fr) wrote: I do not recommend this movie. Most of the acting is at the level of a community playhouse. The story line was close to that of a horror movie where people keep getting killed for no apparent reason. I watched this movie for about 1.25 hours, but finally turned if off after getting disgusted with all of the useless killing.

Brandon B (es) wrote: its going to be alsome

Corey L (ca) wrote: Complete waste of time. Don't watch this unless you are desperate.

Joseph B (es) wrote: This is one awkward, cliche, and lovable motion picture.

Ryan R (ca) wrote: If more critics would have rated it, it would have easily been a high 70s or low 80s film on the tomatometer. The acting is decent, the script-writing and story is really solid, the cinematography is great for being an indie film. The only thing that this film really needed is a better soundtrack and this could be a really excellent film.

The Critic (mx) wrote: This generally enjoyable sequel doesn't reach the standard set by its predecessor, but the fine animation and likeable characters keep the attention where it should be. The story progresses slowly, but at least the final reel kicks things into gear.

Andrew D (ag) wrote: This movie is just terrible. I am in year7 have read the book and hated this movie with strong passion. The acting is terrible, the themes are completely skipped over and it sucks even without reading the book. They wont name Sam amd Eric in the credits but there is a kid named 'Rapper'! WHAT THE HELL

Wes S (jp) wrote: It rehashes many things from the first Blob movie, while feeling a comedic redo. It doesn't really offer anything new or interesting that hasn't already been seen. The movie has a cheap feel. It's still fairly fun though.

Konrad A (kr) wrote: This movie is like cheaper by the dozen with a lot of kids. This movie is funny and can teach you not to rush into marriage and also getting along with your brothers and sisters and everyone else. This movie has funny scenes of the movie!!

Emmanuelle D (kr) wrote: Personne ne peut renier le jeu d'Isabelle Blais. Wow, s'en remettre autant....Disons que je le deconseille aux pudiques. Beaucoup de reflexions et de plans de cameras geniaux. Un peu long mais j'ai aime

maye (nl) wrote: 'Father' might be the prominent figure of the film but it navigates around 'Mother' with Irene Dunne playing it so charmingly. Such a delightful film.

Harim K (es) wrote: epic in proportion, mediocre in content.

Jeff Z (nl) wrote: The only thing notable about this bland Randolph Scott snoozefest is the appearance of Edgar Buchannan ("Uncle Joe" on "Petticoat Junction") as a spineless Sheriff and Hank Patterson (Mr. Ziffel on "Green Acres"). Fortunately for them better days were ahead. Ditto for Lloyd Bridges who plays a homesteader being attacked by the cattle men. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z.