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The Possessors

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Anthony K (ca) wrote: Day 34: Thankskilling. This film has such a gross misunderstanding of American history it's scary. Then again, a movie who's villain is a talking turkey that spouts off phrases like "Gobble gobble, motherf*cker" probably isn't too worried about historical accuracy. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Neil S (it) wrote: Although at first I wasnt sure I could put up with the 5 lads and their antics, as it develops and you get to know them, and their backgrounds this turns into a really really good documentary showing their literal and emotional journey. Highly recommended

Georges D (fr) wrote: Short, intense, tragic and well acted in most parts, that film would have been perfect without some tiny clues which, i think, said too much about why Albert Dupontel (quite impressive in this feature, verbally violent, tight, desperate) started acting so strangely with everyone. Some scenes of language abuse and hurtful behaviours between husband and wife or father and kids were quite moving, as well as the inability to communicate that is at the core of this story.

Scott P (mx) wrote: Where as May is a solid 5/5 this film is extremely lackluster. I was surprised to see that Lucky McKee also wrote it, despite the fact that it doesn't really seem like a finished draft. A few shots in this film are amazing, such as the shot of Roman throwing the bag into the pond, but the gem moments are far and few between. I was looking foreword to the role reversal of director and actor, but the problem isn't that Lucky is a bad actor, he's alright, it's that everything else just isn't fine tuned enough. The ending just pissed me off. My rating is generous. Consider this a film that you will frequently check to see how much time is left. Check out ONLY if you really have to see everything Lucky McKee has done. Otherwise, you can take it or leave it.

Tamaya A (kr) wrote: This is one of those movies that will have you laughing everytime you see it even though you've already seen it.

Wesley J (ag) wrote: It's funny, it's campy and it actually works most of the time. it's cheap too. Cheap as hell.

Maha M (jp) wrote: I just love a film with a great cast

Kiran K (es) wrote: jus lovely, luv salman khan and sharuk khan, salman da most. salman and sharukh both look really cute in da movie. salman haz nice eyez. wish they both were bst mtez and broz in real lyf. luv ya both.

Aidan H (jp) wrote: Another failed attempt to transfer the novels of Iain M. Banks onto the big screen made worse by the unwatchable Gainsbourg and a spotty and hapless Robertson as the incestuous couple failing to play house. Like walking through molasses in slo-mo, TCG takes an interminable time to build up any tension (enough with the shots of washing-up already!) and exists solely as B-grade art porno for those chattering classes brought up on the films of Charlotte Rampling. It also fails to push any of the buttons normally reserved for films dealing with such disturbing topics: if you want us to recoil in horror, it's best not to give us so many shots of the schoolgirls knickers. Conversely, if director Birkin wants us to sympathise with the characters, he shouldn't have made them into such spoilt and feckless twerps. Frustrating and pretentious.

Poornima O (au) wrote: This is slow paced movie with a slightly abrupt end...however, a beautiful story with a beautiful background score.

Tophee C (nl) wrote: Enjoyable but too plain. Kaurismki warming up for his future better films !

Jim C (es) wrote: One of my all-time favorites. I love Garfield's and Sheridan's performances, as they captured the tough and desperate quality to Depression Era film characters. I also liked Rains as the cop-with-a-heart-of-gold at the end. I mostly like this film because I first saw it with my parents when I was ten--it was a hot summer night and we had all the fans in the house going, which added to the effect of the scenes in Arizona.

Cole P (kr) wrote: With absolutely no connection to the previous films (besides the line "F you lucky charms"), "Leprechaun Origins" starts off as something that could enter 'so bad it's good' territory, but instead becomes a boring, non-scary, uninspired paint-by-the-numbers of what not to do when making a horror film. Or any film at all.

Aj V (ag) wrote: If you've seen a lot of horror movies form before 1970 you can see how Lewis ushers horror into a new gorier era with this film. Not only that, the story is great, especially the weird ending, it's awesome. I love this movie, and if you're a horror fan you should see it.