The Postman's White Nights

The Postman's White Nights

The film represents life in a godforsaken Russian village. The only way to reach the mainland is to cross the lake by boat and a postman became the only connection with the outside world. A reserved community has been set up here. Despite the modern technologies and a spaceport nearby the people of the village live the way they would in the Neolithic Era. There is neither government nor social services or jobs. The postman's beloved woman escapes the village life and moves to the city. Postman's outboard engine gets stolen and he can no longer deliver mail. His normal pattern of life is disrupted. The postman makes a decision to leave for the city too but returns before long with no certain reason. The script is based on real characters' stories. People from the village play their own parts in the film. The search for the protagonist lasted for over a year.

The film represents life in a godforsaken Russian village. The only way to reach the mainland is to cross the lake by boat and a postman became the only connection with the outside world. A... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack B (fr) wrote: A Night in the Woods was certainly no breath of fresh air and really how could it be? Yet the naturalistic performances of the cast, no doubt atmospheric setting of Dartmoor and some nice mythos help take the mind off the familiar elements. Although I did appreciate the improv moments of dialogue and some efficient scares jotted along a, it must be said, formulaic ride. It helps that the narrative gets by on the psychological human melodrama it presents among its characters too. Substantially its familiar stuff and without doubt no withstanding mark on Horror. Yet the budget is well used, the cast and setting effective and unlike the recent entries in the increasingly overstocked Handheld camera film genre (Apollo 18, Project X, The Devil Inside) it manages to maintain your attention, even if its realistic presentation is never less than obvious.

Al M (br) wrote: A decent, true-story, serial-killer film, Freeway Killer explores not just the killings but the lifestyle of a psychotic who enlists other young men into his enterprise. Twisted, but at times somewhat contrived, Freeway Killer provides a decent evening's entertainment for the horror/slasher fan, but it is not something that will be remembered as unique.

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Highly Sexed, Highly Violent and Highly offensive. Two catholic schoolgirls are kidnapped and raped and tortured where one dies as a result and the other recovers enough to go on revenge attacks. Have to say I liked the bass riff that played throughout the film.

Kacper K (es) wrote: It is mildly nice piece moving from one cliche to another. Characters and their actions are so stereotypical that nothing can surprise. Not even Elsa Pataky walking around naked.

Bryan G (gb) wrote: One can't pass by a film titled Monsturd without a second glance. And there are only so many times that you can pass by a film titled Monsturd before you actually get around to seeing the movie. If there is a certain outcome that you can expect from a film titled Monsturd, I'm sure that what writers/directors Ricko Popko and Dan West have created with their film is probably what you are expecting to see. Monsturd is an extremely low-budget horror film. The effects are very cheap, the acting is horrendous and the monster in the film is just ridiculously absurd. But amazingly, Monsturd makes good use of all its limitations and creates a film that is surprisingly entertaining, and highly enjoyable. You won't take any profound or life affirming message away from Monsturd, but you should be laughing enough to have a good time with the film. The movie reminded me a little of Michael Cooney's horror film Jack Frost, in which a dangerous criminal comes in contact with toxic chemicals and is turned into a killer snow man. Instead of snow, the dangerous criminal of this film, Jack Schmidt (Brad Dosland), comes in contact with sewer waste after being exposed to dangerous chemicals. And he is turned into a giant walking pile of crap. The design on the Shit-Man, or whatever you want to call Schmidt after he mutates, is pretty decent. It looks fake, especially around the limbs, but it does appear that the special effects department did spend some time in making the best possible monster they were capable of creating. And it performs an ample amount of hilarious kills throughout the film. I'm sure that Popko and West set out to make Monsturd as silly of a film as they could. Which is why I imagine why the film has a lot of stupid aspects to it. I especially enjoyed seeing the police gearing up to do battle with the Shit-Man by protecting their bodies with diapers, and using Super Soakers filled with Pepto Bismol. I would imagine Rid-X would do more damage than Pepto Bismol, but whatever! And it was funny that they used flies as a way to combat the Shit-Man as well. Although, I didn't understand how the supplier of the flies carried them around in a pet carrier meant for cats. Monsturd is a film that will work if you go into it with low expectations. If you take movies too seriously, or are turned off by cheap production values, this isn't a film that is going to work for you. However, if you do enjoy the occasional trash cinema experience, Monsturd is a film that should more than satisfy your love of terrible, but entertaining, movies.

Christopher L (mx) wrote: The MST3K version is the only version that is tolerable, and even then, I found myself fast-forwarding through most of this ridiculous movie. It's trash of the lowest, most inept breed. So awful.

Michael G (gb) wrote: Think Ghostbuster with zombies but in a low budget amateur film. Cheesy? Yes but its an 80's flick with some good gore.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: Drunken brothers cause the death of a man's entire family in separate incidents. Courts levy a $300 fine so the guy builds a monster truck and flattens the family's used car business and bar. Ned Beatty great in the patriarch role. Recommended.

Matt M (jp) wrote: An underrated classic of the New Wave British cinema and angry young men genre of the sixties. A great character study and portrayal of an ambition choked out by the realities of everyday working class life. Tom Courtenay's performance is close to perfect, as the young man who finds escapism through his narcissistic flights of fantasy, as he walks around picturing himself the prime minister of a country of his own creation.

Steve T (br) wrote: Rewatching this seminal film, I was a bit disappointed. All the elements were seemingly there for a great film; great acting, great direction from Renoir and of course the 1930's Parisian scenery complete with mustache wearing striped shirt frenchmen (yes they actually exist) picnicking on the Seine and the parasols, etc. but the alchemy was just off. Not pure magic as some of Renoir's others truly are. Worth a look.