The Potentiality of Storming Heaven

The Potentiality of Storming Heaven


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:28 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:riot,   uprising,  

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The Potentiality of Storming Heaven torrent reviews

David F (kr) wrote: I can remember seeing this as a teenager at the Michigan Theatre and it left a strong impression on me with its story about a teenager visiting bohemian family friends in Italy where a villa of cultured guests lounge by the pool and take delicious meals together. It has a very light tone and doesn't take itself very seriously but the scenery is lush and the company is good. One storyline has the teenager, Lucy, trying to learn the identity of her real father but if I understand it correctly the film doesn't really come to any conclusion about that. In another storyline she is looking to lose her virginity with the advice and counsel of a dying writer played wonderfully by Jeremy Irons and its novel and refreshing to see this story told from a young woman's point of view. Though it lacks substance its style and characters never fail to charm with beautiful scenery, great acting, and a soundtrack full of 90s music.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Tuesday, August 24, 2010(1982) First BloodACTION A returned war veteran comes to a small town only to find out that he's unwelcomed to settle down there motivating him to creating major hostility and then havoc!The perfect role for Stallone since he doesn't look or sound too smart to carry on an intelligent conversation at any given time, so the best roles for him to have are the typical outcast with miniscule dialogue. This havoc between John Rambo going against the town was only an excuse to showacase some realistic action sequences that have to be seen to be believed. One stunt in particular has John Rambo jumping off a cliff landing onto some trees. Another is the chase scene between car and motorcycle which I've read or seen somewhere that the stunt driver had twisted his arm while driving but still managed to finish the stunt regardless! And the unecessary ramblings he was talking at the end solidified his character one would not easily forget- setting up the bar for the second installment!4/4

Toni E (nl) wrote: As a baby boomer I heard stories about home front war efforts from grandparents, my mother and aunts but all their stories seemed rolled up into this film. I finally understood.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: This film has no reason to be any good but for some strange reason it's not half bad, Let's face it if Samuel L Jackson wasn't in it it would of gone straight to DVD and on the Syfy channel every month, The film never takes itself too serious, The effects were pretty poor and so was the acting, Closest to a B-movie we may see with a big star in, But it's fun, Silly and quite entertaining.

Deke P (ca) wrote: dps recommended it as very good.

Daniel R (au) wrote: Funny the first 40 minutes, from there it's all downhil