The Prankster

The Prankster

To the outer world CHRIS KARAS is a shy, handsome, "A" student, the son of a hard-working Greek contractor. But to his closest confidants he is none other than the celebrated Prince of Pranksters, a secret society dedicated to combating the inequities of high school through masterful acts of subterfuge.

The Pranksters are a secret society that rights the wrongs of high school. Its leader, Chris, longs for more with graduation looming. Under the guidance of his eccentric Uncle Nick, Chris ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amila G (de) wrote: "Prague" is an excellent Danish movie which explores human relationships, the ones of a husband and a wife and parents and children, and their alienation. The emphasis is on lack of communication and understanding (ironically, people who don't even speak the same language understand one another better - as there is no need to be understood - than a couple being married for fourteen years) and cultural differences. Very interesting and inspiring!

ukas O (br) wrote: Niby interesuj?cy, ale za duo teorii spiskowych

Ka Hay C (kr) wrote: run of the mill. Little recollection.

Ryan W (au) wrote: Unfortunately, the sequel took a very clich attempt of "reaching the children's hearts" and tried for a more heartwarming feel good kind of film while the plot seemed to kill whoopi's skills in comedy, since her comedy from the first film would have been somewhat inappropriate for this film. However what wasn't filtered of Whoopi's humour is worth at least knew watch even though it's more or less a film that has you saying "I'd rather watch the good one". Whoopi at least saves ut to be a half decent movie even though the script seems fairly unbelievable and predictable.

Jose Luis M (ru) wrote: Bizarre film noir, I like Gary Oldman and Lena Olin roles

Jason P (br) wrote: Slightly better than the first, as it's a better attempt at a plot. Still lame as hell, but that's why you're watching it, right? I like the new flamethrowing puppet, but was sad to see leech lady go. No doubt she'll be back in the next one. The best part was Toulon as the villain. Great costume.Oh, and the first visible death was only about 20 minutes in, a vast improvement on the first.

Brian S (jp) wrote: Many, including myself, have compaired tthis low budget sci-fier to Gremlins, released 2 years previously, but one thing's for sure, it really ain't as good, an it's much cheaper. But it's still deserves it's spot is cheesy sci-fi comedies of the 80's, and it's sort of an icon of that genre and time. The special effects are really the best part of the film, they are a little cluncky but are still fun to watch. But I got the feeling that they spent everything on the Critter effects and as a result, the acting is pretty mediocre and the spacecraft and technical stuff effects are pretty lame. Recommended !!

Conrad S (br) wrote: This film is not good: it loses all of the charm of the original by having superman turn bad halfway through. The comedy is incredibly underwhelming, and I don't really understand why Richard Pryor isn't funny. The story is rehashed, and the villains are just Lex's gang two. The effects are somehow worse than the first one, and this film is the perfect definition of jumping the shark. However I still enjoyed it. It really well reflects the silver age superman, and is the most comic book like comic book movie i've ever seen, and Lana Lang is a far more interesting character than lois lane. Anyway, the worst is yet to come.

Tomek S (es) wrote: the new von Trier reminded me of this Italian Exorcist-rip-off which frightened me during my childhood and I decided to try it again. horrible special effects but Gravina's performance is suprisingly good.

Walt H (br) wrote: This oldie is a decent swords and sandals action flick from the 50's, and it still has some play even today. Susan Hayward is just about the perfect woman, in my eyes anyway. Sort of a weak derivative story punctuated by some reasonably good single combat. The sets are nice since they used the same ones from bigger budget The Robe. Caligula is a one dimension character but suitably nutty. The DVD is minimal it has decent video, with the audio plain old mono and gets a 5/10 for being 2 steps better than watching it on VHS or network TV.

(au) wrote: I'll admit I used to watch mlp, and I've watched at least 100 tv shows and cartoons in my life, I've played video games a lot, have watched many movies, watched YouTube and vines, and love sports especially college basketball, so yeah. :D

Mitchell Z (ru) wrote: Licence to Kill is a taut thriller that is a different take for the James Bond character. It is darker, more graphic, and more intense. If you are a fan of Dalton's colder portrayal as I am then it is a thrill, but if not then this isn't the Bond film for you.

Darren H (br) wrote: Simple but fun chick flick

Greg B (it) wrote: The greatest Blaxploitation film ever made.The "Citizen Kane" of the Blaxploitation genre this uses the basic structure of the Warner Brothers gangster films of the 30's with a healthy dose of sociopolitical comment.Cohen like his hero Sam Fuller takes B movies and injects his cynical view of society into great genre films.

Philip V (es) wrote: Holy crap this movie was great! Love how the two assassins go through this dynamic relationship. Great fight scenes with a predictable story but still a damn good one.