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The Precarious Bank Teller


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Mike L (ru) wrote: I was not expecting to be so captivated by this documentary and/or J. Leto...but wowsa. I'm a fan!

Dave F (es) wrote: Awesome docu about Canada's best band of all time. Even if you don't like the music, and if you don't you are a loser, you will enjoy it because these 3 guys are so like-able.

Tim J (ru) wrote: A great movie. It speaks to you on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. The plot is compelling and moves the story along while forcing you to open your mind on a topic where we all have strong opinions. Be prepared to be moved and challenged. This movie uses quality acting to challenge each of us to rethink what we believe. It is family friendly and will move you to both laughs and tears.

Nisha S (it) wrote: One of d the best sequels of this movie!A fun movie for the young hearts!

Kurt F (jp) wrote: 10/9/16 The story kept me interested the whole way through. Well acted and it felt very realistic. Interesting that this is a true story. Some of the moments were "quiet" and slow paced, but it felt tense enough throughout.

Mark W (kr) wrote: "Being right is not a bullet proof vest, Freddy"The problem with Cop Land, is that it's full of cops. Well there is that, but in all seriousness, for any fan of the crime genre they will find there are two things that are unavoidable when looking over the cast of the film. One, is legendary director Martin Scorsese and the regulars that feature in his work: There is, of course, DeNiro and Keitel (who need no introduction) but there's also Liotta (Goodfellas), Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull) and Frank Vincent who appears in both the latter two (as well as Casino). Vincent also brings me to the other unavoidable thing... the finest television series on the subject; The Sopranos. By my count, there's no less than ten cast members that are recognisable throughout six seasons and those well versed will notice; Carmela, Paulie, Arty Buco and Vincent's Phil Leotardo, among others.The New Jersey town of Garrison is populated by cops from the NYPD who have set up their own community to live in peace. As intended, it's a community that doesn't need policing but still employs local Sheriff, Freddy Heflin (Sylvester Stallone) to oversee things. Freddy always wanted to join the police force but was prevented from doing so because of a childhood accident that left him partially deaf. However, when Ray Donlan (Harvey Keitel) and his corrupt activities begin to surface it brings it to the attention of Internal Affairs Agent Moe Tilden (Robert DeNiro) who may just have the policeman's job opportunity that Freddy has coveted.Narratively, the film starts very strongly and draws you into the murky depths of police corruption and cops ruling cops. Director James Mangold also seems to know what he's doing; he builds the tension slowly and assuredly and introduces his characters at precise moments. It's not long before we realise Keitel is one of the shady one's and firmly in control of his environment. Stallone also happens to establish himself quickly by playing firmly against type. The whole premise of the film is built around Sly and the, seeming inability, to do the job he's been denominated for. It's quite a distance from most of his action-hero work but it's the supporting roles of a strung out Liotta and doggedly determined DeNiro that really bring shape to the whole corrupt debacle.All of the supporting players are brilliantly placed but it's, unsurprisingly, the aforementioned four actors that drive the film. Liotta, Keitel and DeNiro deliver the high calibre expected from them but the biggest surprise is Stallone. He's wise enough to sit back and let the heavyweights chew the scenery while he subtly underplays it and brings a touching vulnerability to his afflicted Sheriff.With an abundance of talent on display you might ask why Cop Land doesn't entirely work? Quite simply, it's a generic and formulaic story. The leads do what they can - and they all get their moment to shine - but the lack of three dimensional characterisation and some redundant plot strands only allow them to go so far. However, despite Mangold's inability to come up with a solid script, his handling of events and a who's-who cast are very diligently attuned. It's also worth noting that the denouement is impressively intense in a High-Noon homage with Mangold, very skilfully, utilising Freddie's hearing impairment to the utmost effect and manages to turn, what would normally be considered a Hollywood hokum get-out, into a refreshing and satisfying showdown.Alas, Cop Land is not the sum of it's parts. It had the potential to be a classic but ends up just another attempt at a genre that so many have covered to better results. That said, it's hard to argue with the cast and the solid performances but because it's easy to see the potential this film had, it makes it all the more frustrating that it doesn't quite achieve it. It's good, but it could've been great. As it goes, the problem with Cop Land is that it's not full of cops, the problem with Cop Land is that's it's full of quality actors working under restrained and clichd material. Mark Walker

Private U (de) wrote: omg, this movie was great from beginning to there's sex, lies and action. what more do you want?lol. I loved this movie b/c I could not predict the ending, the acting was good, the sex was great (lol) and the plot was smart. great movie: recommend for a saturday night.

Tim K (it) wrote: Dudikoff and Bradley team up? Hell yeah! But sadly, what a pile of drivel it is. Even the presence of Dudikoff can't save this one, more snooze fest than action a la AN2. Best (or most ridiculous) scene goes to the magic arrow catching...

Hobie P (br) wrote: Predictable on every level.

Sylvester K (au) wrote: Beautiful people are stupid as hell, the killer's weapon is a giant safety pin..... The ending was stupid, just to remind you what a terrible movie you have watched

Tim M (br) wrote: "First Blood" is a first rate dark action thriller with shocking depth and sensitivity. After seeing it, you'll love it forever.

Guillaume B (ag) wrote: Excellent film that elegantly deals with the postwar state of mind in Germany. I nominate Annemarie Dringer as one of the most versatile European character actors ever. Compare her role as the malevolently vampy Dr. Katz to the ditzy Cilly in Berlin Alexanderplatz, and Isabelle Huppert's mom in The Lacemaker and you'll see what I mean. Active since the Fifties right up to present day.

Tony P (es) wrote: What a strange early seventies British film. I must admit when I first saw the title I thought of Northern Ireland and then I saw it starred Glenda Jackson in one of the lead roles.The film focuses on the bizarre love triangle between two couples one Bob Elkin and divorcee Alex Greville (Jackson) and the other Bob Elkin and Dr. Daniel Hirsh. Yes your eyes don't deceive you. The character Bob Elkin has both a heterosexual and gay relationship at the same time and what's even more bizarre about the arrangement is that both Greville and Hirsh know about it.The film is pretty slow going nowadays but back in 1971 when it was made it was critically acclaimed and had Oscar nominations and BAFTA wins.We learn that Elkin is about to leave both relationships to pursue work in New York. What will each patner left in the UK do?Added to this is Dr. Hirsh's Jewish background and Greville's childhood memories and parents.Director John Shlesinger carves a love story between three people.It took me two viewings to make it through the 110 minutes.

matt m (nl) wrote: It was good but not sensational.

Calvin R (us) wrote: Kung Fu Panda is the start of a great franchise. Its hilarious, great animation, great story, great action sequence, and very entertaining.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Charming quirky relationship drama with a light smattering of comedy.

Todd S (jp) wrote: A movie about a high school football team, created by MTV, starring all the teen-heartthrobs of the late 90s, I couldn't have been more uninterested. For 17 years, I avoided seeing this film, I figured it would be a steaming pile full of good looking people with their shirts off, but after catching the ending on TV, I decided to check it out and I'm glad I did. In Texas, football is everything, even at the high school level. The West Canaan Coyotes are one of the best teams in the state, thanks to a hard nosed, old school coach, and an NFL bound Quarterback, but their perfect season takes a turn when the Quarterback goes down with a serious knee injury. The Coyotes are left in the hands of John Moxon (James Van Der Beek), a kid who hasn't taken a snap in three years, who is only on the team because of his father. The coach hates him, the town doubts him, but something amazing happens when Mox is on the field, he's actually good. James Van Der Beek stars and honestly, I always felt that he was too much into the whole teen-heartthrob persona, I never took him seriously as an actor, or envisioned him being good in a role like this. Just as the town was surprised by how good Mox was on the field, I was just as surprised by how good Van Der Beek was in this role. When you add Jon Voight to the equation, as the hard nosed coach, things really come together. The two men hate each other, but are forced to work together, it's this dynamic and tension behind the scenes that really makes the off the field action as interesting as what's taking place on the field. Varsity Blues is produced by MTV, stars actors I normally wouldn't watch, and as it turns out it is one of the most exciting and intense sports films I've ever seen. One of the things I love about films, is that you can never judge them based on anything else other than their content. On the surface, this is something I'd never watch, but happenstance brought me to it, and it's honestly one of the best football movies I've ever seen.