The Prefab People

The Prefab People

Using verite conventions, a young couple with a baby and a child are worn away by the monotony of their lives.

Using verite conventions, a young couple with a baby and a child are worn away by the monotony of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (gb) wrote: Can I buy some fucking drugs now?Alyce is a recluse with a basic office job and a best/only friend, Carroll. Carroll's boyfriend is caught cheating on her one night while at the club. Carroll gets real drunk and depressed over the affair and Alyce and Carroll start playing on the roof when Carroll falls off. Alyce blames herself and goes on a drug binge...leading to eccentric and violent behavior. "She bit her tongue off in the fall."Jay Lee, director of Zombie Strippers, House of 100 Eyes, Death Chair, Area 407, and Noon Blue Apples, delivers Alyce Kills. The storyline for this movie is a bit clich in some ways but is an interesting take on the drug underworld. The scenes were gritty and well done and the kill scenes were really good. The acting was very average and the cast includes Jade Dornfeld, Tamara Feldman, Eddie Rouse, James Duval, and Bret Roberts. "Who's in control now, bitch?!"I grabbed this movie off Netflix because it seemed like it may have an interesting plot. I did like the main character and her interactions with the drug dealers. I felt those aspects of the film were pretty well done. I also liked the perspectives of her lives from different angles (work, legal, drug dealers, and her own). Overall, this is a worthwhile addition to the genre that is worth a viewing but is not worth adding to your DVD collection."I'm going out like a candle."Grade: B-

peter g (br) wrote: this was a good film one i have to say was better than some recent ones

Tommy R (fr) wrote: Cute story about 4 brothers and a sister dealing with the death of a relative. Soon after they find out one of the brothers is gay. The 3 brothers try to deal with it in their own way while the sister tries to keep the family together.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: So simple, but great acting.

Ryan W (it) wrote: This film could have been so much more but I just did not much about the characters despite the good actors such as Kevin Spacey, Jude Law & Jack Thompson underwhelming at best

Ryan V (ag) wrote: It treads on no new ground, but will always have some 80s charm (re: cheese) to it.

Lurple J (us) wrote: "That's it for you, poophole!"Please note that the line above is really in this film.These days picking on a direct-to-video Steven Seagal movie in a review is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, but sometimes it has to be done. Mercenary for Justice isn't the worst of his movies but it's definitely not a good film. Seagal doesn't really show up until about 12 minutes into the film, and his first line really sounds like it was dubbed in by somebody else. After that he seems like he's at least present although it's hard to tell if he's interested.And the script. Seagal is a mercenary (for justice?) robbing banks, breaking into prisons, killing guards and bank security guys and whoever shows up, in order to get another mercenary a military burial. There's a lot more to it, but none of it really makes any sense.That's probably not going to stop some people from watching Mercenary for Justice, or even enjoying it if they're the right kind of viewer. No one is watching Seagal movies made in 2006 looking for sense. Or even good fights. I think we're mostly just looking for a bad movie. The biggest problem with Mercenary for Justice may be that it isn't bad enough.

Jos P (us) wrote: El tipo mas cool del mundo (al parecer)