The President

The President

The judge in a Danish town sees his illegitimate daughter facing a trial for the murder of her newborn child

The judge in a Danish town sees his illegitimate daughter facing a trial for the murder of her newborn child, and is rather sure that she will be sentenced to death. She became pregnant ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (nl) wrote: Philosophical, intellectual & informative but mostly irrelevant I felt. I mean, I understand what this movie was doing and I know it's all just for entertainments sake (even though it came across a tad too serious). But let's face it, who of us are actually going to find ourselves in these situations or needing to make these life/death decisions? And even if we did, it's not like we'd have the time, money, social support or a perfectly built bunker waiting underground with all the resources we'd need to survive. It's nice to pretend tho aye lols.

Brandon G (de) wrote: "A Late Quartet" was everything I had hoped "Quartet" would be. As a classically-trained musician, I found it very convincing and authentic. There was none of the usual clich (C)s. Christopher Walken played his role totally straight, without any of his normal kitsch. Philip Seymour Hoffman was brilliant.

Hasan Q (jp) wrote: Actually there was somthin good abt this movie, personally I enjoyed it a bit nd the end was kinda unpredictable..

Jennifer C (gb) wrote: Quite possibly the greatest movie of all time, oh yesss!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Honestly, the character development is superb, the special effects, out of this world and the story, WOW, someone was working over board to belt out this corker!!! :D Or at least that's what I tell people before making them watch it. Usually with the consequences of them wanting to poke my eyes out...after about the first minute. *giggles* This film is genius though and the aaah, the ending, roflmao. It is so hilariously bad that I've actually seen it about 8 times, lol.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: Despite its good moments, this is an unnecessary, forgettable sequel that relies too much on Xavier's disastrous search for love instead of focusing on the reunion of the friends of the first film. Good to see, though, that it doesn't get ruined by its poor narrative choices.

Logan M (es) wrote: It has everything an Woody Allen comedy needs: strong characters, a sense of humor, and a pessimistic philosophy lesson. Unfortunately, "Anything Else" wears thin and fails to live up to the director's past films.

Marge M (mx) wrote: I love Kiefer..and I want to marry him!! :)

Simon B (au) wrote: Ok, swedish movie. But mainstream as hell.

Aswin W (ru) wrote: Yeah not bad comedy. The story was good pretty much satire on rich married couples of how midlife crisis even to men and women. It shows theres no excuse when the truth on how many affairs they had reveiled it just hurts people and may not take forgiveness for a long time. Anyway the acting was good both Allen and Middler from start to end as the dialouge was passable. Overall i think it was good funny movie. It was a christmas movie but shows of saying or doing something wrong on that kind of day when its suppose to be joyful.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: This movie is the best meteor impact movie since Asteroid in 1997. This movie brings together a great disaster scenario with the perfect casting for a great disaster film!

Nick B (ca) wrote: The only bad thing about film sack is you get these piece of crap movies. This pirate movie from the 70s is pretty terrible and not even in a fun way. The main guy was really terrible

Pepo A (kr) wrote: La musica de pink floyd de lo mejor, trainspotting de los sesentas

Private U (nl) wrote: Srenade Trois d'Ersnt Lubitch est une pure merveille, comme l'ensemble de ces films d'ailleurs. La finesse des dialogues le jeu et la lgret de Lubitch. Franois Truffaut ne commenait jamais un tournage sans l'avoir visionn au moins trois fois. (On comprend mieux pour Jules et Jim)

Anastasia M (fr) wrote: I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's wonderfully written; it's a poignant and wise, and the performances are great.

Taylor V (kr) wrote: This is the beginning of a great movie series! This movie truly, in my opinion, has a great concept to it and really is more than just a movie.