The President Is Coming

The President Is Coming

"The President is Coming" is an English film and the first ever MOCKUMENTARY about New India. It is a comedy about young India's ambitions and aspirations. With a style that is very tongue in cheek, the film takes a look at President George Bush' visit to India in 2006 where he wanted to shake hands with 1 young Indian under the age of 30.

In 2006, George Bush, President of The United States, visited India. In addition to the many diplomatic and political things on the agenda was a rather unique event - a meeting with one of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric V (jp) wrote: This film was originally a documentary about a group in search of the most extreme haunted houses. But someone decided the documentary wouldn't sell, so they revamped a found footage storyline throughout. Although this gives a clearer story and a filmgoer-friendly ending, the actual documentary is so much better. Unfortunately, the only way I could find it was on the Blu-ray Disc.

Rita L (fr) wrote: "A Coffee in Berlin" is a touching slice of life movie, filmed in black and white. It features strong performances as the story of a young man who has lost his way in school, in love ... in his life. His only aim seems to be procuring a cup of coffee, though timing and circumstances determine to deny him even that. it's a good story and told well. I recommend it. The film is in German with subtitles.

Lucia B (ag) wrote: Festival BACI (Buenos Aires Cine Italiano)Excelente actuacion de Elio Romano para mostrar la cara no turistica de Roma.

Lauren R (fr) wrote: so powerful. it just blows my mind how our government can sit and watch this go on. please watch this. if you have no idea what is going on, this will tell you everything.

john b (jp) wrote: The horror cache of cliche is emptied on this one. Cell phones don't work: check. Car gets stuck in the mud: check. Flash light stops working: check. Car won't start: check. Creepy neighbor: check. Oh, to be actually getting paid to write stuff like this. "Wicked Little Things" isn't a horrible film, it just follows the trite and true a little too closely. Not that I mind the occasional cliche, but at some point somebody really should have said something. "Wicked Little Things" is strengthened by the performances and general ambiance. But in the end of the end, nine year old zombies just aren't that scary.

Arthur C (gb) wrote: Powerful stuff....and a good reminder that this is not a black and white world..Amazing Doc.

A5J4D X (de) wrote: 1/10 Just don't get how this movie got funded in the first waste of time...boring and lacking any comedy...

Gisleine D (au) wrote: Nada de original. Mas a mensagem (C) fantstica.

Jay W (fr) wrote: A good follow up, the birth seen was pretty wicked.

Dan G (ru) wrote: Pretty impressive chase visuals... but that ending? Wut?!

John G (nl) wrote: I was feeling old school B & W - it's okay . . .

Sgt C (fr) wrote: James Bond jr made by someone that probably thinks "Die another day" is the pinnacle of the series. The cast has more than a few famous faces, but the movie is bland and flat. I also don't like the idea of a James Bond for kids as the regular Bond appeals to all ages and kids should watch those instead.

David S (it) wrote: Why do they keep making terrible movies? I would rather see Lore from star trek running around causing havock. Automata. blah...

Robby B (us) wrote: Creeping, campy, 70's horror film that is bland by today's standards, but in the day it had plenty of scares.

Caitlin L (de) wrote: Didn't care for it all. The actors couldn't even save it.