The President's Mistress

The President's Mistress

When Ben investigates the mysterious death of his sister, he is unaware that he is opening up a web of political intrigue. Ed Murphy, the White House Chief of Staff, becomes embroiled in a struggle to save the President from a humiliating scandal.

When Ben Morton investigates the mysterious death of his beautiful sister, he is unaware that he is opening up a web of political intrigue and deception involving the President of the United States. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (gb) wrote: Fin. Love HK. Slutten da...

Peter D (jp) wrote: Good fight scenes, and a great historical drama... I found the "love" bits a bit drawn out though... I found myself shouting "For Goodness sake! Get on with it!" after 5 minutes of people staring into each others eyes... a bit lame.

Ben R (fr) wrote: Parts of this weren't bad but the majority was a bad tv movie quality style sci fi film. Ben Cross is an old favorite from back in the early 90's when they tried to make him the new Barnibus Collins on the failed reboot of Dark Shadows from about 1991. The main actress is good enough but is no Natasha Henstridge.

Kyle M (es) wrote: Better, funnier, and a little more charming than the first at sort of the same level. (B)

Samoa G (us) wrote: This was actually a pretty fun film. Laura Fraser is (as has been said) delightful as a normal teenage girl wanting to lose her virginity but not to "just anybody". I find this funny and sensitive; if not a little tacky (but hey, tacky can sometimes be good).

Jay B (us) wrote: Of course, MJF is always charming... but Doc Hollywood, is stale, unoriginal and mostly a snore. But hey, it's one of those weird PG-13 movies with an extended nude scene... so there you go kids.

Chris S (ru) wrote: Drum stuff was cool but the rest was lame

John Eric D (fr) wrote: Director James Cameron proves that he can make a fun spy action flick like everybody does in the 90's. It's a popcorn guilty pleasure at its best. I always think of Cameron as blockbuster director whose visions are limitless in terms of film making. Arnold as the protagonist, suspects his wife of infidelities. Until such time they team up together in this fun, over the top action flick. I thought Arnold and Jamie's chemistry is okay, not memorable either. The humor is there, it could have been better. The most fun part is when those VTOL's shootings missiles into the bridge and wild explosions all over. Including the last part where Arnold brings this VTOL Jet fighter against this bunch of terrorists. Cameron brings up his capabilities as a filmmaker, this action film says it all. The great spectacular action scenes that you can see in a film. If you have watched T2, watch this next. 3.5/5