The President's Staff

The President's Staff

The President, an intern and two fiber optics specialists find themselves trapped in the Oval Office after discovering the windows and doors have been rigged to explode.

The President, an intern and two fiber optics specialists find themselves trapped in the Oval Office after discovering the windows and doors have been rigged to explode. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raymond S (jp) wrote: Lmao.... Low budget, horrible acting and wack but it was just funny as hell.

Cameron C (ag) wrote: MY GOD! This movie was just plain awful!!! The acting is terrible, the characters are unlikable, and the worst part of the movie is Zendaya and Bella Thorne! I'm not saying I hate them, but there characters in this movie are just annoying!

Jon Paul A (kr) wrote: Really pretty girls, really bad movie. I have to say really bad and really cute.

meriem l (fr) wrote: the three girls :chanel,dorinda and aqua go to the india because they want to be actriisses in movie in bollywood. but they found some problems with the director :they will braek up ...

Ken E (de) wrote: I like basketball movies, even bad ones like this one.

Rod G (gb) wrote: "Immortal Beloved" plasma hbilmente el lado ms amargo de la vida de Beethoven con la magnfica (o quizas sobreactuada) interpetacin de Gary Oldman y el desempeo del resto del elenco.

Sean C (ru) wrote: It just didn't work.

Elise C (ca) wrote: In order to give his ailing mother some peace and quiet, Ingemar and his brother are sent to live with relatives. Ingemar soon finds his relatives and the people who live in town are much more welcoming and accepting of his eccentricities. It's a touching story of loss and trying to fit in. I liked it.

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: Though it features more special effects and stunts than the original, it doesn't invest as much time developing the characters. The majority of the film focuses largely on Karen Black's character. Few of the passenger characters receive much screen time or lines. It's fairly good as airplane based disaster movies go. With competition from Earthquake, The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno released after the original 'Airport' I would assume the producers of it's sequel felt they needed to ramp up the action.

Blake P (it) wrote: Unless you're Oliver Queen or the brooding anti-hero star of a comic book serial, don't expect the idea of Taking the Law Into Your Own Hands to work out after months of trying. Cops can get awfully irritable, and messing with the heat isn't a game worth playing - especially when you've got Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) hot on your trail. He's got a .44 Magnum Revolver, and he isn't afraid to play a tricky game of Russian Roulette with you if you don't quit it. The villain of this "Dirty Harry" sequel is not a deranged sniper but a vigilante posing as a traffic cop. He doesn't figure himself to be crazy; he finds his actions to be methodical. His favorite hobby involves hunting down the thugs who escape jail time and offing them - since the law can't manage to lock them up (the first few minutes of the film witness outrage following the release of a murderer, based on a technicality), why not do the dirty work and rid the city of the vermin that corrupts it? The foe figures he's doing San Francisco a favor, but Harry can see through the bullshit - the guy's a madman looking for an excuse to justify his madness; who knows how long it'll be before he starts shooting jaywalkers? So he and his partner (Felton Perry) try to strip away all the false leads and find out what the real deal is, as their Lieutenant (Hal Holbrook) remains skeptical of Harry's unconventional ways. Some find the "Dirty Harry" movies to be too questionable in their ethics to really enjoy, but I find their thunderous grittiness to be gigantically entertaining. Clint Eastwood is the ultimate anti-hero, his perpetual machismo convincingly charged. He's a man bred to seek justice, too old and worn to consider the confines of the rules. Harry is ruthless, stoic, street smart - Eastwood is so mesmerizing in the role because he doesn't have to emote. His lined face and subtle emotional scars speak louder than the limited stretches of dialogue he has to deliver. "Magnum Force" is a such an excellent sequel because it builds on what made "Dirty Harry" made so great; we hardly need character development here, considering all we need to know is that Harry Callahan is a cop you don't want to mess with. The thrills are leaner and meaner, the screenplay without filler, the characterizations fiendishly simple - even the villain menaces more than the previous scoundrel, as his identity is kept secret until the unpredictable truth is let out. Things might not be as rugged as they were before - Ted Post, replacing Don Siegel, prefers an adventuresome tone in comparison to the first's sinister bloodlust - but "Magnum Force" is an appealing sequel that delivers the turbo-charged thrills one wants, one expects. But its quality - that's what makes it strong enough to work on its own.

Christopher S (it) wrote: Its outlandish premise made it one of the most uproarious trailers to ever run the grindhouse circuit, but it was probably better served as a two-minute trailer than a feature film. It definitely has its moments - escaped two-headed gorillas, Oscar-winner Ray Milland as a racist genius surgeon. But it's surprisingly slow and talky much of the time, only picking up towards the end with a lengthy chase scene that's not as exciting as it should be - it never quite follows through on the opportunities provided by its wild premise (and seems hampered by its PG rating). Cult movie fans will find it entertaining enough, but this one falls far short of the whacked-out masterpiece it could have been.

Tonda S (it) wrote: this was an odd one..but I liked it

James M (au) wrote: The first Carry On film with only a handful of the "regulars". The formula has been used since and slightly better in movies like Police Academy & Stripes. Merely average.

Logan M (it) wrote: An all-around powerful social drama that seeks empathy for its characters on both sides.

Chloe F (br) wrote: Just too strange and too stupid of a film to me.