The Pretenders: Greatest Hits

The Pretenders: Greatest Hits


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The Pretenders: Greatest Hits torrent reviews

Barney o (es) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: A fairly formulaic venture by marvel - by far the highlight of this film is the developing relationship between Thor and Loki. Outside of that, we do at least get some beautiful world building and one of Marvel's best scores yet.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Sadly overall it's just pretty dull - not only in a visual sense (the dark visuals get very tiring on the eye), but the samey action scenes are in over-abundance and the bizarre plot is hugely disengaging. Oh, and Natalie Portman? Not her finest hours...VERDICT: This film brings Thor and his friends onto a whole new level of battle and war, but somehow steps backwards in the end because of it's heavy plot and meaningless action. It's not terrible, but it's by no means Marvel's best.

Michael H (au) wrote: Slow burning and almost dreamlike with a clever twist in it's tail, this is an above average thriller only let down by the excessive use of shakycam

Nicki M (mx) wrote: I last watched this years ago. I could remember being disappointed in it, but not why. Had a chance to re watch it recently. I do like Mandy Moore and the whole "American idol" take off angle seemed like it could be fun. 30 minutes in, and I remember what I didn't like. All the political stuff and the terrorist bit... Just two story lines that don't go together, and it's just not funny enough.I did keep watching. I guess there's something to it, but I could have been so much better than it was if they played up more on how the TV stations use the contestants and less on the other crappy stuff. There is enough serious movies about politics and terrorism without throwing it into this type of movie.

Tristan M (jp) wrote: I liked this movie. It's low budget, simple and has a overused plot but it got it right. Some movies with low budget suck, but the director of Saints and Soldiers did what he could with what he had and get good results. In fact I think it had the most variety of German weapons of any movie I've seen, which is pretty impressive and suprising considering it's low budget and theme. Slow at times and the action scenes arnt great, just slow pace shootouts like the other Saints and Soldiers, but a good movie.

Chayc (kr) wrote: Fluff that was fine.

Javier A (us) wrote: Melodramatic but extremely watchable, even though some scenes, like Ken Norton's second fight, were hard to watch.

Kyle B (ca) wrote: This is an excellent movie and very funny capturing the comedian very nicely. Hoffman and Perrine are excellent and this has got to be Bob Fosse's finest movie

James H (ca) wrote: Yet another great Bob Hope and Big Crosby "Road" movie. This one takes them on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with a hypnotized Dorothy Lamour. Plenty of laughs and very entertaining.

R M (mx) wrote: Saw this movie on Netflix on demand. I was really surprised at how good it was. The story was really well put together. Turns your mind around what we think of as classic movies. Please watch this if you life your mystery with a little sci-fi, amazing!

Gabby S (br) wrote: Balto is probably the most, if not then one of the most, underrated childrens' flicks out there! Even as a twenty-two year-old adult, I can admire this film for what it does right. Balto, unfortunately, was not actually part wolf, but a Siberian husky inside and out. However, adding that aspet into the movie wasn't a complete bust. Also, I loved a lot of the characters in this film; that's right, even the polar bears got a chuckle out of me here and there, that and the way their fur is designed is very unique. The romance between Balto and Jenna is simple, but still likable. The animation on the backgrounds, FANTASTIC! This is easily one of the most beautifully hand-drawn, 90s films out there! Now, some of the human designs are a tad corny, but they didn't distract all to much.Overall, Balto is thrilling, exciting, and will keep your kids and possibly even yourself entertained from beginning to end! -Thank you, Balto. We would have been lost without you. -Sincerely, Gabby Smith

Tamsin B (mx) wrote: Ok, I'm never going to eat anything again..

Carlos M (de) wrote: A funny dark comedy that has some very inspired moments, but McDonagh doesn't know exactly what to do with the material in his hands, and so he keeps pulling easy tricks out of his sleeves at the expense of a more elaborate structure.

Andrew M (br) wrote: That's My Boy is a great and hilarious movie. This is a step upward for Adam Sandler. This is one of his better movies. I would very much suggest this movie.