The Pretty One

The Pretty One

When her idolized twin sister Audrey dies in a car accident, Laurel decides to take her place. But, as she eases into the life she has always wanted, she must decide between continuing the lie or revealing herself.

Film tells the story of two twin, who soon lost their mother. The elder sister then goes to work on the city, and the younger is at home and cares for their father. Because of hard life in the country, the elder sister brings the younger to the city to live with her. On the way back to the city, the elder sister is died, but because of they look alike, hospital and family who thought the younger is died, and the story begins when the younger has to live like her sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (it) wrote: just ok even though set in college this still felt like my least fave-a teeny bopper pic.

Randy P (nl) wrote: This movie was fun to watch.Even the lousy effects didn't bother, since the film made up for that in entertainment.Watch with your buddies and have a laugh.

Ryan S (br) wrote: This is for every guy that has sat through every chick flick and female drama TV Shows out there.. I'm giving this a perfect rating because it's a new breeze of fresh air, there's not alot of fishing movies out there.. If your a fan of Happy Gilmour then you'll love Bait Shop.. Plus alot of guys can relate to both Billy Ray and Bill Engvall.. If you know Bill Engvall then you'll know the hidden " Here's Your Sign" moment, plus in one quick scene they used the interior of Bass Pro Shop as Hot Rod Johnson's store. It's a down to earth film with no high tech special effects or any sex symbols.. I honestly want to see a Bait Shop 2, cuz it's an enjoyable film for the whole family.. I highly highly reccomend Bait Shop to everyone..

Chad D (fr) wrote: Much better than 26%. Definitely worth a watch especially if you don't worry to much about a few small plot holes.

Happy Frown (nl) wrote: pretty good movie, good ending.

Rob L (de) wrote: Perhaps not as fully realised as the director's later Fish Tank, this is a nonetheless striking effort from Andrea Arnold; one in which a slow drip feed of information helps the viewer to a conclusion s/he would never have thought possible during the movie's early stages.Kate Dickie is excellent as a woman pursuing revenge but the film has a decidedly liberal heart, a world away from the unforgiving nature of vigilante-ism. Lots of the familiar Scottish tics are there - a plethora of swearing included - and rarely have the schemes of Glasgow looked more uninviting.

bjesna b (gb) wrote: film je vrlo interesantan i simpatican sve do onog dila koji se zove kraj, sta je dosta bitan dio za svaki rad i o cem ovisi cijelokupano djelo... kraj je bjedan... ne hejtan sritne zavrsetke ali vecina ih je slinava hrpa preentuzijasticnih momenata zbog magicno poslozenih stvari u zivotu za koje je bog ili neka visa sila zasluzna ali je, naravno, naklonjena glavnom liku u filmu ka sta smo i mi... mozda smo mi ta sreca ili bog... ali vidi se da nam fali glumica poput Brittany danas... stvarno je glenijalna...

Keenan S (br) wrote: While the film has beautiful scenery to look at and solid acting, this film is crushed by the dreadful writing of Nicholas Sparks and an overlong running time. Like most other films based on the works of such a dreadful author, this film is hampered by a lame, cliched script that is chock-full of bad dialogue that turns this film into melodramatic crap with no life or emotion. The cast tries their best, but considering the material at hand, there is practically nothing to work with. In the end it is a boring, cliched mess of a romance film. This could have worked, but it just doesn't.

Sean H (mx) wrote: Ok this movie is the sequel and same characters but again can't tell you then all ruin it for you guys. All I can say I love horror movies. If you like horror movies then this is the movie for you. So sit relax grab your Dr Pepper and popcorn because this will keep you the edge of your seat .

Dave M (kr) wrote: Why is the trailer for GET REAL is not matching the real trailer and some PHOTOS

Robert S (it) wrote: Brilliant acting. The speed of the storytelling was a little bit too slow for me.

Scott R (us) wrote: Cute romance, but not the best. I liked polling aspect.

Indu R (fr) wrote: A good animation movie. The voices were great and the plot was good.

empress m (gb) wrote: This 1973 movie should be viewed in its full version for free. i was surprised but excited to see a new version coming out in August of this year (2011).... In any case, I am pleased to see and find the greatness of the original version remade/played.

Loraine D (de) wrote: love the songs in this movie

jason b (it) wrote: this is a brilliant film