The Price of Milk

The Price of Milk

New Zealand milk farmer Rob gives his lover Lucinda a ring. Trying to spark up her relationship with Rob, she takes her friend Drosophila's advice and starts to try and make Rob angry. But she tends to go too far. Admiring her ring while driving a lonely road, she has a run-in with an older woman that sets off a chain of events that begins with her quilt being stolen

New Zealand milk farmer Rob gives his lover Lucinda a ring. Trying to spark up her relationship with Rob, she takes her friend Drosophila's advice and starts to try and make Rob angry. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carole T (ca) wrote: Truly awful. So many ideas stolen from other great films so why is it still so bad?!

Paul C (mx) wrote: A homage to the giallo films of Bava and Argento. With minimal dialog and minimal plot, the film has a more "art house" feel to it than the films that influenced it, though. One's enjoyment of it depends upon one's tolerance for style over story.

Han D (mx) wrote: most misleading and sadistic film ever made.... some seriously messed concepts in this film but definitely worth watching for a dare. Guaranteed to be one of a kind, just don't expect her to invite you back for coffee afterwards!

Tim G (nl) wrote: An absolue abomination. The fact that something like this could be made.. and then positively reviewed is proof positive that the end is near for mankind. Dreadful everything. Horribly implausible. Terribly written and directed. Satanically bad special effects and sets. Somebody who knew absolute ZIPPO about WWII submarine operations wrote this POS. I cannot overstate how abysmal this film is.

Conner R (mx) wrote: Really a great movie in every respect. A very distinct visual style, unique story and an a perfect cast. The 70s atmosphere somehow fits perfectly into the plot, maybe because Jake Gyllenhaal's character emulates the generation almost exactly. The sense of loss is done well, it's not like every other movie where someone dies. This shows the true awkwardness that comes along with a funeral service, false attachment and mixed emotions. Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon play pretty different characters than they're used to, there's a very weak and childish way in how they act. This is a movie that is very particular in its message and it succeeds completely. It becomes such a powerful experience by the end.

Troy C (es) wrote: As the saying goes, "One has to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a handsome prince." Likewise, reviewers often have to view a lot of turkeys before finding a film that makes one sit up and take notice. Get On the Bus is just such a film. That makes it all the more distressing that on the night of my viewing, I was an audience of one.There are many probable reasons for this: the film's lack of advertising, the restrictive rating, the "serious" subject matter, or perhaps, Spike Lee's perceived status as a director of "Black" films.Whatever the cause, it is a shame that this film won't get the exposure that it deserves. Not only is it a balanced and perceptive piece of writing on today's African American culture, (one which affords a window of understanding for those unexposed to it firsthand), but it is an important piece of filmmaking.Writer Reggie Rock Bythewood and director Spike Lee have semi-documented a piece of history, made a brave attempt to define a significant segment of the population and acknowledged the shortcomings of their subjects in the process. More important, they have demonstrated that many of the limitations impeding their characters are not problems of race, but imperfections of the human condition.Get On the Bus follows roughly a dozen Black men traveling from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to attend 1995's Million Man March- a gathering designed to illustrate Black solidarity. Traveling by bus, the trip offers plenty of opportunity for this diverse group to get to know one another.Previously strangers, the participants form a cross-section of society. The riders include an L.A. cop, who happens to be half-White, a college film student, an aspiring actor, an older gentleman, a pair of gay men, a father and his troubled son, a born-again former gang member and a middle-class bus driver.Drawn together by the occasion, the start of the trip is full of enthusiasm and a sense of unity. Yet as the miles wear on and the members get to know more about their fellow travelers, that sense of commonality becomes strained by the reality of their true diversity. Before long, storm clouds are raised by gay-bashing and charges of homophobia; definitions of "What (or who) is Black?" instigate quarrels, and differences in moral philosophies chip away at the group's cohesiveness.Though each is using this event to help them in their personal search for identity and as a way to connect to a greater whole, they find that their first challenge is going to be the need to develop understanding of themselves and overcome personal prejudices. It's a powerful illustration of how people's ideals and support for worthwhile concepts collide head on with the reality of a situation's complexity.For them (and us) the issues of race, religion, politics, sexuality, education, background and age all come into play as they try to define solutions to their problems. And those problems cover topics that affect all of us in various ways; ranging from single-parenting to discrimination to gang violence to how to be a better person.Spike Lee makes some deliberate choices -such as the frequent use of a hand-held camera, and extra grainy film stock for exterior scenes- which are distracting at first, but eventually are justified in the down-to-earth quality that they bring. This is a story that would lose its sense of reality if it were as smooth and slick as your average Hollywood production.The film's exploration of culture and personal values means that there are instances when the topic of conversation is on the controversial side.Occasionally, the language is crude. While it can be uncomfortable, it is never gratuitous- making it much more justified than ninety-nine percent of today's action pictures. Still, its inclusion brings the film an R rating and prompts the need for an evaluation of a viewer's ability to handle the material.Leading a very natural cast, veterans Ossie Davis and Charles S. Dutton are outstanding in their respective roles as the older generation and the working class everyman. A nomination for either of them come Oscar time would not be unwarranted.Offering insight into the human condition, a greater awareness of social consciousness, and a fuller understanding of Black culture, Get On the Bus succeeds on many levels. It stands as a fine example of the ability of good filmmaking to communicate much more than we often see in today's product.

Haley R (it) wrote: Second worst movie ever. After Joe's Apartment, of course.

Hasan C (gb) wrote: Without a script Rivette's great masterpiece.This 4 hour long cinema made me patient though to see painting of Goddess.

Sarfara A (nl) wrote: Loose Cannons buddy-cop comedy film, co-written and directed by Bob Clark. Starring Dan Aykroyd, Gene Hackman. I am great fan Dan, but this seems like cannons were pointed straight at audience, shelling us with rapid fires. Stay away! NOTE: 10 for split personality act from Dan.

Linda A (fr) wrote: Awful!! Completely awful! This book was my child-hood favourite and I never ever imagined someone could manage to make this beautiful story feel so utterly ridiculous... Soooooo disappointing!!!!

Emma R (ru) wrote: I loved it, but Rose wasn't that pretty

Dee T (mx) wrote: DePalma has an incredible knack for overcoming the most implausible plotlines & deus ex machinas to make compulsively viewable films crackling with style and arresting atmospherics.

hemanth n (fr) wrote: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is the best of its franchise . It is very thrilling and gripping movie . Tom Cruise stunts were awesome . The plot was good . Tom cruise stunts + Simon Peggs humour + Gripping screenplay & loads of action = MI 4

EpicLadySponge t (au) wrote: Should've just left them the way they are in before the movie came.

Gary S (br) wrote: Whilst not the best film that I have ever seen, it was quite scary the way that they made the eagle look bigger. Also a very well deserved ending for someone!