The Price of Pleasure

The Price of Pleasure


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The Price of Pleasure torrent reviews

Asif H (ca) wrote: Only reason I watched it because WWE Superstar Triple H is in it but a poor film.

William H (jp) wrote: Good kid and family movie

butch h (jp) wrote: In conurbations where hundreds of thousands live alongside one another, in the era of a highly technological society, in which communication has never played such a significant role, man has become lonely. Disappointed by his fellow human beings, he turns to animals. Dogs and other domestic animals serve him as companions, life partners, cuddly objects and bedfellows.

Cody C (ru) wrote: I'm a huge ABBA fan, but this just isn't very good. The through line of the guy trying to interview the band is just boring. Some of the live stuff is good and I wish it was just all the live stuff, with just some fly on the wall backstage stuff interspersed. For what its worth though, it all looks quite good. Lasse Hallstrom has a real gift for color.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: Since it became the benchmark for killer animal movies after its release, every film that has followed has simply been a variation of "Jaws" to some degree or another. Some have been entertaining and others simply wretched. The pleasantly diverting sleeper "Lake Placid" is one of the better ones, employing a nice and welcome sense of humor amid all of the standard horror film cliches. Credit screenwriter David E. Kelley as a fresh set of eyes to the genre to make that combination work so well together here. He's more famous for writing smart TV shows, and he puts his stamp all over this ridiculous thriller. The casting is a breath of fresh air as well, and the main cast of B-listers bring out the best in the script. Bridget Fonda and a completely out-of-place Oliver Platt are the best, and their random quips sometimes feel improvised. Still, the humor works within the context of this outlandish, preposterous story. The late great Stan Winston gets the credit for the creature effects, which are convincing for the most part. Even the CGI blends in nicely and is not so glaringly obvious. On the surface it may sound like yet another clunker on the late night Sy Fy channel, but the smart writing and unusual casting sets this apart. The basic premise is ludicrous, as are the explanations that Kelley comes up with to try to make it plausible, but "Lake Placid" scores points as a horror comedy that's fast-paced and actually funny. It's hardly great art, but you could do a lot worse on a Friday night.

Jay B (fr) wrote: Texas Killing Fields doesn't blend the best for me. I love segments of it, but some of the melodrama is just a bit corny. The actors do a lot to make up for it however.. some of the best in the biz.