The Price of the American Dream

The Price of the American Dream

Drama - - Jackie Torres, Mario Ramirez Reyes, Rebeca Silva

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The Price of the American Dream torrent reviews

Serusly I (nl) wrote: the most stupid film i ever saw

Andrew O (kr) wrote: Just take real mushrooms instead. The experience is much more exciting.

chase k (gb) wrote: diz disney film iz Great!

Masorad (jp) wrote: "A church and a fortress. A fortress in ruins. All that's meant to protect us is bound to fall apart. Bound to become contrived, useless, and absurd. All that's meant to protect is bound to isolate, and all that's meant to isolate is bound to hurt."

John R (es) wrote: My only five star rating. Awesome movie. Introduces Jeremy Renner to the movies as a top actor!

Augustine H (ag) wrote: Richard Dreyfuss at his best since The Goodbye Girl. The story is inspirational enough, but I still think Dead Poets Society is the best movie depicting teacher-student relationship.