The Prick

The Prick


Ramiro is a good man. He is a musician, but unemployment is so great that it has had to put Scottish bagpipes playing a Scotch Pub also married. One night coming home from work encountered in a corner, with Julian; believes has stolen his wallet and to take back what is theirs thinks Julian attacks is municipal councilor in the city. The theft of this portfolio will complicate the life of Ramiro, that of Julian and the many characters ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon H (au) wrote: Really Good Film! :D Very good plot and great animations :)

Amar M (ru) wrote: a vile bag of garbage named ''MERANTAU'' is tells a centuries-old Sumatran custom wherein adolescent males must leave their rural villages and prove their manhood abroad before being allowed to return home. Teenage Yuda (Iko Uwais) has travelled to the big city of Jakarta for his merantau but soon finds himself in trouble when he helps a young stripper named Astri and save her life.horrible and poor fight effects, just waste your special time if you watch this

AD V (es) wrote: The make-up and monster FX are completely amazing featuring NO CG at all (and if there was it was so minute I couldn't tell). The production design, score etc are all above par but the problem lies in its pacing. After a solid first 20 minutes it sloooows...way...down and doesn't pick back up again until the last 20 or so. Still it's better than most and both director Knautz and the FX team should be sought after because they show alot of promise and skill.

Nash S (us) wrote: i really enjoyed it! i'd been putting off watching it for ages.. it was actually on today so i figured i'd watch it and was like.. wow! =D

Joyce Y (it) wrote: watched it b/c of Norika Fujiwara! she doesn't match aaron kwok though

Alex G (br) wrote: Flawless expansion--getting bigger and stranger with every act. A horror movie that starts mall and then escalates masterfully.

Weul S (nl) wrote: An emotional rollercoaster of a tapestry film about love, loss, & redemption in Los Angeles. Also, my favorite film of all-time.

Shou R (ru) wrote: Kikujiro's an irresponsible man and the boy is, well, a little slow.

Yash B (it) wrote: I don't think its as good as the first one but it's a lot more light hearted and fun. It's a watchable movie that should please fans of the original.

Michael H (it) wrote: Slays me. Can't express my love for it in words.

David H (it) wrote: This Time Shaft get in a James Bond like Adventure around the African Continent the Movie shows who Slavery is still present in Africa and how the Things the Clocks ticks completely different otherwhere on this Planet

Nick R (nl) wrote: First heard about this on the Cinema Snob's review to commemorate Roger Ebert. The Cinema Snob made it sound real amazing and like a grindhouse epic. Was able to get it on hold at the library and to me it seemed okay. There's a lot of nudity and this is a NC-17 picture after all. Still felt okay and it was good to know Roger Ebert actually made some movies in his life and didn't just talk about them. Heard also from the Cinema Snob that this was one of the best movies of the 1970's. Maybe also a must see for inspiring film makers I think, haven't seen the Cinema Snob review of this in a long time. If you also want to know more just watch the Cinema Snob Review of this if you want to know more.

John Paul T (br) wrote: Twiggy Twiggy no mini skart today

Daniel P (ag) wrote: A film that displays persistance, makes you proud to be British.

Michael H (it) wrote: Has some great photography (being a Curtiz film), but the comic relief just goes on and on and...ultimately it's more comedy than horror.

Kai T (br) wrote: I like how boo says "kitty" and "Mike "wuizouski"

Jim S (es) wrote: A great all star cast can't save this uneven story that explores the few hours and days after the death of JFK. The first 30 minutes is very intense, but that intensity just devolves into a very melodramatic script and very pedestrian direction. This film had so much potential but unfortunately just misses the mark.

Connor F (au) wrote: These Vietnam War movies can never seem to do much wrong and Platoon is no exception. Taking a much bloodier and uglier path to get its point across than others of its genre, it boastfully succeeds at showing the horrors of war, while only somewhat getting carried away with itself.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Entertaining at times, but I wouldn't say it was the most entertaining B-horror movie I have ever seen. The gore effects and the transformation all look great...practical effects always help, and there are some genuinely fun just doesn't fully land the whole time. Horror and gore fans will enjoy this for what it is, but it isn't terribly memorable.