The Priest

The Priest

Father Alexander is trying to maintain peaceful life for his church amidst the Nazi occupation during WWII. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toysorama (nl) wrote: Never have I seen a movie so bad, so fundamentally broken, that it leaves a pit in my stomach and leaves nothing left in my heart.

Kaitlyn S (gb) wrote: An attempt at a movie like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist falls flat with no real drive or purpose. There is no epiphany moment, and there is no real character development. Falls short of everything it could have been.

Richard R (es) wrote: The Holiday is surprisingly a good film and this is coming from someone who doesnt generally go for the romantic comedy. The main problem for most of the actors in this film is their ability to overact and be too much but at no point does that happen. its a little sickly sweet in some places but there's something heartwarming none the less. Worth a watch.

Mayra R (es) wrote: I saw this movie. I liked it. Like all Kung Fu movies, it is bound to have a few lies, but it is good. Some parts were a bit slow, but the fight scenes were good. Seen many Kung Fu movies, this one is ok.

Wes S (it) wrote: After 5 other Leprechaun movies with the same plot, it gets rather boring. He's either looking for his gold or his bride, so by the 6th film, the plot is old. This one however tries to be more horror than comedy, but it's still neither scary or funny. It's not the worst of the Leprechaun sequels though, but it offers very little new stuff.

Ben H (it) wrote: Enjoyable side characters salvage some of what is otherwise a dull, clique movie with two boring main characters and an unbelievable relationship. Though that's no different than any other rom-com.

Greg C (gb) wrote: Bollywood romance family comedy dance numbers music video time travel steam punk with a hint of action. Also notable for the lead actor playing 3 roles (twin brothers and a son/nephew named Mani). The production values are very good. I definitely like the result and the steam punk time travel premise. As happens so often, there is too much for me to take it all in. I may have to let the results marinate before I know more decisively if this merits the 3.5 I am marking it with today.

Vaibhav W (ca) wrote: Apart from the over saturated colours and the Thai-Western feel which quickly gets old, this one falters in the entertainment aspect.

Steve D (es) wrote: Ok movie but it is about a dog show. Not much there

Tony B (ca) wrote: It had it's moments but overall flawed and uneven I think.

Zachary Y (jp) wrote: A Brilliant, hilarious film with surprising meaning and artistic value. Telly is on a quest to do the only thing he loves, deflowering virgins. The entire cast of characters is fantastic (or terrible when they need to be). The films thrives on realism, raw irreverent and explicit dialogue, unstimulated acts of sex depicted and on-screen actual drug use- this film is pure entertainment and true art.

Hector R (de) wrote: "Purple Rain 2" technically. This movie was not that good, had some good musical numbers, I still have a soft spot for it though.

Joel A (de) wrote: Repulsion is the story of a Carol a strange, uneasy Belgian young woman staying with her sister in a Kensington Flat & beginning to see strange things.The mind of Carol seems to be getting worse & worse and you as viewer get confused what's real & what isn't.Filled with some genuine suspense, director Roman Polanksi created some unnerving visuals. A tense, memorable film that is both shocking & captivating, a must see classic.

Mark J (mx) wrote: My favorite holiday movie

David S (au) wrote: Although the movie has a brilliant cast and they all do a decent job, Mad Dog and Glory tends to be a very average movie. With the giant cast it has, it is unable to create the magic expected of such minds. The story falls flat and creeps into the clich (C). This movie is disappointing, although it will entertain to an extent.

Mark D (br) wrote: Not a bad thriller - Cusack movies are usually good