The Prince Who Was a Thief

The Prince Who Was a Thief

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The Prince Who Was a Thief torrent reviews

Lisa B (it) wrote: I don't get the reviews that complain there is no conflict in this movie. It seems there must be man on man or man on environment conflict for the conflict to be recognized. There is a small conflict between the kitchen staff, but the biggest conflict is within Hortense herself. Here you have an extremely passionate woman, one deeply in love with food. She doesn't see it as a job, and she must choose between a role that she deems a great honour and being true to herself. I think it is a beautiful story. I loved it. I put it up there with other food favourites of mine such as Hundred Foot Journey. I'm a sucker for French food movies, and this one didn't disappoint.

Doug Z (it) wrote: Amazing to see what mountainiers in the 30's accomplished with such old school equipment! Bloody good drama, too!

Tim W (kr) wrote: Cheesy but cute, and even funny (quite British). It lost me 2/3 in though, at which point I stopped being invested in the characters/story. For a dumb unrealistic chic flic, I enjoyed it.

Jason S (ru) wrote: i thought it was a pretty decent thriller movie

Jayden C (it) wrote: not interested at all

Susan B (kr) wrote: Touching, humorous, and a good insight into the Italian mind.

Chris W (mx) wrote: early Landis...sure.

Humberto O (br) wrote: Yeah, no. Too over the top and cheesy. Not horrible, but I didn't enjoy this one too much.

Tavin W (ru) wrote: This movie isn't worth the names on the cover

Jeff R (it) wrote: Exposes accepts and embraces the inscrutability of our existence - while not losing the ability to be amazed and in awe of it.

Tony P (jp) wrote: I find it quite difficult to provide an objective review of this film considering the subject matter involved!Sean Bean plays the lead in this low budget independent film from 1995 about a thirty something Sheffielder who somehow becomes a first team hero at Sheffield United FC. Yes them.Just the sight of one of my childhood Sheffield Wednesday heroes Mel Sterland playing in the streaky bacon kit from the nineties made me want to vomit. The only good thing from this film was a song from Joe Cocker and seeing the old Stones Cannon Brewery. Sadly no longer there.