The Princess Comes Across

The Princess Comes Across

A Swedish princess boards an ocean liner in Europe en route to an acting career in America, and finds herself getting inconveniently attached to a bandleader returning home. To complicate matters, a blackmailer on board apparently knows she is not who she claims to be - and he has his sights set on other passengers with secrets of their own. In the meantime an escaped killer has stowed away under someone else's identity, and is killing again to cover his tracks; five international police detectives on board are heading the investigation to find him. When evidence points to the princess and bandleader, they must find the killer themselves - before he finds them.

A woman pretends to be royalty in order to get aboard a cruise ship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcin Z (de) wrote: Nostalgic, fantastic teen movie with absolutly unforgettable climate.Must see for every fan of punk, but also maybe for today 68' generation.

Peter F (nl) wrote: At first I thought this would be an incredibly childish cheesy rip off that was just lame in every way. However the trailer I saw today sold me on it. Maybe because I was never too familliar with the original cartoon.

Vernon G (de) wrote: I'm currently trekking through all of Harrison Ford's movies. This was pleasantly surprising in that, while no classic, was well-acted and enjoyable. Christopher Plummer and Richard Masur stole the show though.

The Critic (ca) wrote: A charming, character-driven film that captures the essence of male friendship with strong performances across the board from a stunning cast. Scott Rosenberg's clever screenplay, Adam Kimmel's crisp cinematography, and solid direction by Ted Demme round things out nicely.

Robert I (jp) wrote: We shall. I expected to hate this movie, but it was too charming not to like it. A feel good movie. Richard Gere once again plays the PERFECT man.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Watching this film again as an adult. I can truly appreciate how good this movie is. For the first fully CGI film to focus on a group of toys, it let the creative team get really clever with the story, the dialogue and the characters. Sure, the animation can look dated at some parts, (Sid and his dog) but you get so sucked in by the story that you don?t care. Woody and Buzz Lightyear have some of the best on-screen chemistry in cinematic history and they are just a joy to watch. Some of Disney and Pixar?s best characters they?ve ever created. Overall, this is a great film for all ages.