The Prisoner of Zenda

The Prisoner of Zenda

An Englishman on a Ruritarian holiday must impersonate the king when the rightful monarch, a distant cousin, is drugged and kidnapped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Prisoner of Zenda torrent reviews

Jonathan C (br) wrote: Good movie, but got a little dull about the middle, made the viewer want to say "Okay, you're gay, now what?"

Elisa W (nl) wrote: This movie is amazing. It's the type of movie that makes you think about society, about how people act and who they are. I recommend that people watch this.

Carlos D (fr) wrote: after rewatching this (like 20 something years later) I have to say it looks reaaally good,and it's fun too! I see why Jonah Hill tried to mimic this with no success at all...the most pretty rare item in this movie -and quite essential to the plot- was a playboy magazine....are those things still around?...i don't know...

David S (de) wrote: This early 80's horror flick is anything but a gem. The biggest problem is that you don't know what's going on because you can't see absolutely anything through 80% of the movie. It is so grainy and dark during the night scenes (when all the action goes down), you are literally turning your head side to side to try to get a glimpse of anything on screen. The story could have been okay, but the visual presentation just makes it way too hard to follow.

Ted W (nl) wrote: I was searching for Fright Night 2 which i recently saw and found it's not in the flixster database. However, I recently re-watched this little gem and I still love it. The twists and turns and really solid performances make for a great popcorn eating experience.

maria e (gb) wrote: i loved the movie because Aaliyah was in it!!!

Jon F (br) wrote: Who doesn't like the underdog?

Glorimar S (it) wrote: OH MY GOD... It's one of the worst movies ever... You never get to see the horrible clown that is in the front of the movie cover. The costumes are from K-Mart can you imagine what kind of low quality movie is it. Crap!

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