The Private Life of Henry VIII.

The Private Life of Henry VIII.

Tells how King Henry VIII came to marry five more times after his divorce from his first wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Private Life of Henry VIII. torrent reviews

Paul D (gb) wrote: Inoffensive collection of chronological archive and contemporary interviews

Evan H (fr) wrote: this movie was alright. good acting and so-so script. The direction of this movie is a good highlight.

german p (gb) wrote: If you have claustrophobia this movie is definitely not for you. Even before the creatures showed up it was already pretty tense and scary because of the confined spaces alone. So much so that once they did finally show up it kind of felt out of place. But only for a brief amount of time. Once they show up it becomes a fight for survival that barely lets up until the very end. I will say though that the first 30 minutes or so are kind of a slow burn especially if you're not watching it for the first time and that the ending kind of felt like a cop out and wasn't as satisfying as I felt the filmmakers intended it to be. I also didn't like the fact that they felt the need to add a conflict between two of the girls towards the end of the film. As if their current situation wasn't problematic enough. But, other than that I thought The Descent was a pretty effective horror film filled with a couple of scares that actually kind of got me.

David D (au) wrote: One of a sort of subgenre of horror anthology films that was popular for a while back when I was a teenager. This one was written and directed by Italian genre great Mario Bava. The first segment "A Drop of Water" is based on a short story by Chekov and the third, "The Wurdalak," on a story by Tolstoy. The middle entry, "The Telephone" was apparently based on a story by a less famous writer, someone named F. G. Snyder. All three are good stories and pretty well acted but it is the last, "The Wurdalak", with a typically fine performance by Boris Karloff that is the most outstanding part of this movie. The sets are quite good and the art design generally is up to the usually high standard of a film by Bava. Some of the makeup is a bit over the top and less effective than it would be today but not especially poor for 1963. A good solid horror movie that is a near classic. At least worth three stars, maybe four.

Andy W (fr) wrote: Piddly p**s poor sci fi which had some half baked ideas and not the first idea what to do with them. Leaden dialogue and bad acting don't help either. Unconvincing.