The Private Lives of Adam and Eve

The Private Lives of Adam and Eve

A modern couple dream that they are Adam and Eve.

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Carlos T (it) wrote: Good Woody Allen movie with an exceptionally talented Cate Blanchett. Weird ending, though.

Semmi A (it) wrote: Went and saw Apollo 18 tonight and it def had a creep factor to it!

Aidan H (it) wrote: A decent enough stab at the Hollywood action genre that, despite the inclusion of some B-list US actors, fails to captivate due to an overlong middle section and some dodgy TV movie acting. 5M's lack of atmosphere is mostly due to its dependence on bright, over-lit interiors and an overall lack of grit and even its often spectacular stunts and splosions sequences are not enough to stop the eye-lids flapping. Stars for the action bits and some nicely composed cinematography.

Don S (ca) wrote: Quite a different concept of vampires from anything else you've seen on the subject. The vampires seem more zombie-like in that they are ruled by instincts and not rational thoughts. Some are quicker and stronger than others. The story focuses on what begins a duo searching for a fresh start in "New Eden" and ends with a rag-tag family of five doing what they must to survive. Good effects and imagination. Recommended.

Bee B (br) wrote: Much more serious than I was expecting (I was expecting a typical romantic comedy). Ryan Reynolds actually has quite a good performance with some emotional depth, and there's a good supporting role by Stuart Townsend. The story starts out as standard frivolous plot, but gets into some dramatic territory on infidelity, love, and the nature of parenthood. There are enough comedic elements to prevent the film being a downer.

Karen M (kr) wrote: The right kind of funny and smart.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Dont you find when you play that card, it works both ways :P

Rachel B (us) wrote: Fantastic cinematography and fascinating, but unsympathetic, characters. It oddly manages to use a lot of facts about the actual Lonely Hearts murderers from the US while creating a fictional account staged in Mexico. An interesting, mad love thriller with so screwed up they could be real main characters.

Private U (gb) wrote: Ok, so, first of all, this movie stars Short Round, you know, from Indiana Jones. (For some reason he insists on being called "Johnathon Ke Quan" in the credits of films.) This alone should be enough to get you to watch the movie.Some may say that the plot in this movie is shallow, but, obviously, they are not looking for the deeper mysteries in the movie. Like, why does David's beard keep disappearing and reappearing, sometimes within the same fight? What is the point of all the phone books and bricks? Wouldn't those bricks just permanently destroy their legs? Why does David look like Tony Hawk?Seriously, though, watch this movie. It has Short Round.

Mark N (gb) wrote: Corman's movies are known for low budget and high ambition. For the first time he had the budget to match and once again produces a film far greater than the sum of the parts it borrows from. Lucas converted Hidden Fortress into Star wars... Here Sayles takes the Magnificent Seven into space.The ship designs are simple outstanding with every one given loving attention to make them individuals and as characterful as their pilots, in no small part thanks to a young James Cameron. To dismiss it as a Star Wars clone is to miss the point entirely and while certainly a movie for teenagers there are plenty of elements to entertain all ages.

Tanja E (fr) wrote: It's nice, not a typical Billy Wilder movie and imo not one of his best, but a good and quite funny movie.

Rich B (fr) wrote: Well shot and great locations in this one, the second of the Bond films.

Eric J (gb) wrote: Didn't make me laugh a lot but a family film, classic Adam sandler and would probably watch again.

Greg W (ca) wrote: one sequel that's just as funny as the first pic

Gabriel V (nl) wrote: Muito bom documentrio sobre o universo do fisiculturismo com o filtro da dcada de 70;

Jay M (ru) wrote: It is one of the greatest buddy cop comedies we have seen in recent memory.

Frit F (it) wrote: I haven't rated this yet for some reason.