The Profit

The Profit

This period piece is a fictional biography of a cult leader's rise to power and his subsequent descent into isolation and paranoia.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cult,  

This period piece is a fictional biography of a cult leader's rise to power and his subsequent descent into isolation and paranoia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Profit torrent reviews

Jordon J (gb) wrote: Just downright awful. I say SKIP IT!!!

Simon D (it) wrote: A pretty lame documentary which has a valid message but fails to get it across in an effective way.

Amber W (nl) wrote: They changed it too much from the show but it still was very interesting and was very emotional at the end.

Sophia Q (ru) wrote: So after I found out that "Aise Karo Na Vida" (the show) was inspired by this film, I decided to give it a try. I had always been a fan of the soundtrack, namely "Mohabbat Inaayat Karam" and "Kaali Teri Choti," but I hadn't actually watched the movie. Was it worth the watch?Well, the answer to that question is both yes and no. The storyline is as such. A couple tries for a baby, but finds out that having the baby would be detrimental to the wife. The husband asks her to have an abortion, because he loves her too much to let her go. She makes him promise to let her experience motherhood and to take care of their son after she is gone. She dies and her husband is too bitter to take care of his son, Raja, as he is desperately in love with his late wife. He neglects his son throughout his childhood, allowing the house servant to raise him. Raja meets Vijay in school and they become instant friends. Raja begins to think of Vijay's mother as his own and becomes a part of their family. Raja grows into adulthood and, due to his father's neglect, Raja goes down the path of womanizing and drinking. Raja's father finally realizes his wrong deeds and asks Raja for forgiveness. Raja forgives him and they finally connect, only to have his father pass away moments later. Raja turns over a new leaf and runs his father's company, turning himself into a good human being, repenting for his past behavior. Vijay's mother arranges Vijay's marriage when Raja is suddenly called out of the country for business. He misses the wedding. Vijay encounters his new bride, Rama, on their wedding night....a victim of Raja's past misdeeds. What follows throws three lives into turmoil.The biggest drawback of the film is the casting. This movie was full of actors who just could NOT ACT. There was only one actor who could act and it was Sumeet Saigal, who played the role of Raja. He was a natural in his role and, though he's supposed to be the bad guy, he really gave depth to his character and made him not only likable, but lovable. Tariq Shah, as Vijay, was the entire opposite. He's supposed to play the "good guy," a guy who is so good, he's almost perfect. I didn't get that. If anything, I found him to be extremely judgmental and weak and I credit that entirely to bad acting. Roopali Ganguly as Rama was awkward. At times, she was a natural and at other times, she was atrocious. The role itself was great, but she was not great in it. Moon Moon Sen has the cutest accent and looked pretty in parts, but she can not be called an actress either.The music is....well, the two songs that I mentioned earlier ("Mohabbat Inaayat Karam" and "Kaali Teri Choti") are the best songs (and I love them) and the rest are forgettable.The movie is worth a watch if you want a blast from the past sort of movie with a great storyline and one great performance. Watch it on a horribly rainy day when there's no chance of getting out of your house and there's nothing else to watch. It's decent, but not great. I want a remake of this one, please! And with some great actors!

Mark B (fr) wrote: Ahh, to be Sean Connery.

Christopher J (nl) wrote: How in the hell did this get 4 stars on Flxister? This film is PAINFUL. Sure, sure, sure, it's so bad it's good at times. And you laugh a lot at it. With some great buddies, you can really make fun of this until the cows come home. But you know what? It's still a horrible movie. And it still hurts. :(

Private U (br) wrote: Beautiful and gorgeous. Gentle and disturbing. A must. Another Aussie classic (I have plenty more...)

Claudette A (jp) wrote: I don't know if kids will enjoy this. They might get a bit spooked out by the monsters.

Byron B (fr) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

intuciic (mx) wrote: interesting movie with nice story.. the ending was fascinating... who would have thought that informant is that person?!

Jeremiah Z (nl) wrote: Tod Browning fait son propre remake de "London After Midnight", mais avec Bela Lugosi en vampire, le film semble etre a mi chemin du remake de "Dracula"