The Project

The Project

Three first-time filmmakers, Justin, Dana and John set out to make a documentary about the hardships of inner-city life. Justin follows two NYPD officers while Dana and John focus on Thomas (a black youth poised to move up from his hardships). Stories merge, relationships corrode and the filmmakers become participants in the underground world they set out to document.

Three first-time filmmakers, Justin, Dana and John set out to make a documentary about the hardships of inner-city life. Justin follows two NYPD officers while Dana and John focus on Thomas... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky S (us) wrote: This movie frustrates me, because it could have been a great movie - had it been done differently. It annoyed me more than any shocksploitation film I've seen. I don't think the story was dumb, but the way the director pulled it off was almost offensive. Firstly, I was really disappointed that there wasn't more detail about what it would really be like when waking up with amnesia. THAT part could have been very interesting, if the characters weren't incredibly dumb and hot-headed. Yes, I get there's a lot of rabid humans around, but realistically if you came across other normal people in that situation, I really feel like you wouldn't be hostile. And for the love of fucking Christ, there was no need to display the characters dealing with their anxiety with a FUCKING MONOLOGUE. If you're going to make characters have a monologue, at least develop it with all of the main characters.An interesting point I wish the movie touched on more: if a person has no memory of the horrible things they've done, do they deserve to be punished for it? Disappointing that they missed out on that, would have made the movie intriguing. Secondly, holy FUCK, the audience is not going to feel any emotion over a characters death that had NO DEVELOPMENT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE. There were maybe four scenes (if that) with the brother, he was 150% a flat and static character, and then when he dies this fucking sad piano music comes on and I'm supposed to feel upset about this??? I am one of the easiest to move with emotions and I laughed out loud during that scene. And then Jonah's dead kid being thrown in at the end, like, we didn't see any development of the child, let alone if the main character even gave a shit about his son. I don't have children, but I'm pretty sure if I realized my FUCKING CHILD was also alone in the apocalypse I would try to save him. The wife said she "remembered everything" yet didn't give a shit about her own child????? Seriously?The one star I gave is for the potential it could have had. Other than that, besides the decent budget they had and the production of it, it seems like a college kids project for a film class. And a sub-par one at that.

Jerome K (ru) wrote: The plot may follow a familiar path, but this coming-of-age gay film brings heart and relatability to a blind teen's story of first love.

Kyle S (us) wrote: Completely compelling.

Bart v (gb) wrote: whnt to by this movie ? can i

Raji K (us) wrote: Gus van Sant directs the picture written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Good Will Hunting. At MIT college, a prodigious math professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) posts an extremely difficult math problem on a board in the hall. The next day he finds it to be solved, but nobody knows who solved it. He posts another one, and finds the person who has solved the problem that took him two years to solve, is the janitor at the school. The janitor is Will Hunting (Matt Damon), and Lambeau instantly wants to learn more about the boy and his abilities. He discovers the boy has a troubled past and after an incident of assaulting a police officer, is set to go to prison. Lambeau talks to the judge and agrees to let the boy off the hook if agrees to work with him on math problems and see a therapist once a week. Lambeau takes him to several therapists, all of which who are on not able to cope with Will's standoff attitude and inability to cooperate. As a last resort, he takes him to his old college roommate Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) who is a therapist teaching at a local community college. Sean instantly identifies that the boy will challenge others to avoid talking about his own problems and fears. The two began a physiological chess match of wits as Sean hopes to unravel the mystery and reasons for Will's persona. Will begins dating Skylar (Minnie Driver) and she too challenges him in ways he has never known. Sean is forced to balance all these issues and keep Lambeau from trying to push him in the way he wants, which is a math job with an elite company. Lambeau fears Sean will be content to keep working his construction job and getting drunk with his friends played by Ben and Casey Affleck. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and this movie demonstrates how such a thing can occur. Even the greatest genius may require a sense of direction, guidance and nurturing. Sean challenges Will and knows how fragile a mind can be. The strategy he uses to get Will to self-evaluate while diving into his past and psyche was what makes this film so great. Will despite being one of the smartest people, would never had the chance or never even been known had he not been given the chance to be counseled by Sean. Those who already have all these opportunities take them for granted and do not see the other side of things, which this movie depicts. The film shows how a person's circumstances, past and state really give a person an advantage when it comes to academics.Damon provides a great performance as the whiz kid who is misguided, defensive, and believes he knows the whole world despite not experiencing any of it. The chemistry between all the characters is simply astounding. Minnie Driver was sexy and a great counterpart to Damon. Good Will Hunting does not simply focus on improving Will as every character goes through development as they interact with each other. Sean is forced to evaluate how he has set his life after the loss of his wife. Gerald comes to realize his selfish attitude, and is able to improve his relationship with Sean. Skylar evaluates herself and the complexities and challenges of school and relationships. Gus van Sant's direction is superb as he turns what could be a boring movie, into an excellent balance of comedy and drama. The film rightfully earns best screen play, and best supporting actor with Robin Williams and was also nominated for best picture, best supporting actress (Minnie Driver), and best director to name a few. Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite all time films and it holds up time and time again. -11.6.2016

Matt M (ru) wrote: Those excited about seeing a movie with Travolta and Jackson on screen together again for the first time since Pulp Fiction will be disappointed, as the winning card to the film is wasted and the interaction between the two actors is less than minimal. The thriller is peculiar in the way its story is told, but the ending is more or less surprisingly rewarding.

destiny n (ru) wrote: omg I really want to see this!!!!!!

Tommy F (es) wrote: Who are the a-holes giving this bad reviews? If you liked the show, you'll love the movie. If you hated the show, why the F would you watch the movie?It's a whole new season of the show in 100 minutes.