The Prophecy II

The Prophecy II

Gabriel returns to try to destroy the human race he despises so much, with the help of a suicidal teen and the opposition of the angel Daniel.

Gabriel returns to try to destroy the human race he despises so much, with the help of a suicidal teen and the opposition of the angel Daniel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nadine M (kr) wrote: OH MY!! lol is that supose to arouse women!! lol

Alex r (us) wrote: Ron Jeremy is an icon in the Adult film industry. This documentary tells his story and with a string of interviews from his peers to fans of his work, we get an in depth look at the Hedgehog. The documentary is interesting, but is a bit too short considering its subject. For what it is, this film will surely appeal to fans of Ron Jeremy, but for the typical viewer like me, it's really a mixed bag. The film manages to be insightful, but leaves a lot to desired. Director Scott J. Gill explores the man and how an average looking guy became one of the biggest icons of the Adult industry. It's entertaining for what it is, but it's nothing remarkable and memorable in the long run. Also the film shows the ugly side of the industry, the sleaziness of it all. However Ron Jeremy despite his choice of career is well educated, and when you see him in interviews you he's a much more thorough speaker than your standard actor in that business. The guy is smart for sure, and unlike most of the actors in the bizz he comes from a good background. This documentary has multiple interviews, scenes from his greatest films and his tells the story of his rise in adult films. However it could have been better and it just an average documentary in the long run. Despite the flaws, fans of Ron Jeremy should check this title out, and will most likely enjoy it. But as a whole it could have been much better than what it turned out to be.

Bengt W (es) wrote: En riktig skrpfilm. Helt rligt. Hur kan man inte gilla detta?

Susanna K (fr) wrote: Wow... this movie wasn't even "okay" lol. Like it wasn't confusing BUT it was kinda boring and not interesting. By far one of the dumbest movies I've seen from asian horror cinema. What kills me the most is its not the storyline that sucks (ANY plot is plausible in a horror movie) but its just the movie itself. Compared to other asian horror flicks (like Bloody Reunion, The Whispering Corridors series.... hell even The Doll Master lol) this just sucks!

Andrew C (es) wrote: A classic horror movie. Just as good as the first time I saw it. Grab some beers and some friends, cause this is definitely one to have fun with.

Brody M (es) wrote: Looks like a job for Heathcliff

Unca C (mx) wrote: Refreshed after watching something decent, I ready to tackle my next movie: "Haunts" Well the movie starts off with a murder (using scissors, no less) during the opening credits. Maybe there's hope for this film. A phone call later, The Sheriff (Aldo Ray) springs into action - well more like "waddles" into action. This apparently takes place in a very small town since the whole town seems to leave the bowling alley to go to the murder site (they obviously don't have cable in Hicksburg). Turn to a woman who is milking a goat and is remembering a night of passion in bed. -- Folks, I couldn't make this up if I tried. --:rolleyes: Of course, there are various suspects including the woman's Uncle Carl (Mitchell), the butcher, and the creepy "new man in town". At this point, I'd flesh out the plot a little more; but the damn movie moves so slowly. For example, we get to watch Aldo Ray eat a cookie and drink some milk while questioning the woman, Ingrid(played with actual gusto by May Britt). Oh joy. As the movie progresses Ingrid suspects something is up ("Where are those scissors?") with Uncle Carl. At the same time, there seems to be alot of subplots that are flying around at once. I guess, it's supposed to be a 'complex, psychological thriller' but ends up as a 'muddled, psychotic mess'. The main plot point seems to be the 'secret' past of Ingrid, which we see in very brief flashes. From a cinematic standpoint, the movie is made adequately; but what kills it is the slow pacing of the story and May Britt's performance is really the only decent one here. Poor Cameron is only seen in brief moments throughout the movie (I hope he got a decent paycheck out of this). What really becomes frustrating though is that the movie suddenly shifts into high gear with only about 20 minutes left in the film. Twists and turns start flying around that make the movie border on compelling (and Hitchcock-level, at that). The final minutes actually make the movie nearly worthwhile - but only after destroying your patience in the first hour. It's kinda like burning the name-brand microwave popcorn - the kernels are there but wasted. On the Sex and Gore scoreboard - 0 on each. Look elsewhere. [u]Fun rating[/u]: 5 (A mediocre suspense movie). Despite the fast and furious last 20 minutes, this movie as a whole is only slightly entertaining. If you have the patience to wade thru the first hour; suspense fans will actually enjoy this film. [u]Interest rating[/u]: 5 (Okay if you're clicking thru channels and all you find is this and infomercials). Looking for a decent time killer - this is it. Other than that, you're better off watching one of your favorites again. Not much in the likes of repeat viewing potential, though a remake/rework could hold possibilities. [b][i]Total rating: 5[/i][/b]

RA L (ru) wrote: WEB. Es increble cmo una idea tan sencilla (aunque poderosa) se puede desarrollar como largometraje valindose solamente de la musicalidad audiovisual que provee el cine. Un trabajo excelentemente orquestado en todo sentido. / It's incredible how an idea so simple (though powerful) can be developed into a feature-length film only resorting to the audiovisual musicality cinema provides. An excellently orchestrated work in every way.

Miriam G (ag) wrote: This movie is a should-be classic. It's not perfect, certainly. The pacing, while perfect for the stage, is in movie form slow as a tortoise with arthritic knees. Jean Seberg is misdirected to be too sweet and too gentle. She fully shows enough acting talent, skill, and craft to convincingly play the clever, passionate, and confident Joan, but, unfortunately, the director missed the point of the character. George Bernard Shaw is my favorite playwright. In no other play has his dialog been more sharp, nor the lines more musical. However, processing this film requires that you look at it as a lawyer. This movie is a case, and the viewer is the judge. That is how this picture is to be enjoyed. 3.5/5.

Park B (es) wrote: Didn't finish it. I was hating it anyways but that stupid experimental camera shot with the crocodile annoyed me too much to finish it. If you're going to make a shitty movie at least make everything consistent. Changing the look and feel of the movie's directing just to get a close up shot with a crocodile is beyond stupid.