The Public Enemy

The Public Enemy

James Cagney star's as Tom Powers, a trouble-ridden individual who rises from the position of cheap thug to that of a powerful Prohibition gangster. When his best friend is murdered, Powers self-destructively seeks deadly retaliation.

Two young Chicago hoodlums, Tom Powers and Matt Doyle, rise up from their poverty-stricken slum life to become petty thieves, bootleggers and cold-blooded killers. But when one of their colleagues dies in a freak accident, a rival bootlegging faction senses weakness among Tom and Matt's gang... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephanie Y (es) wrote: I saw the Matchbreaker and laughed out loud every 1-2 minutes, it was that funny! Torry Martin and Olan Rogers were hysterical! The whole cast delivered solid performances and cracked me up! Christina Grimmie was adorable....I expected to be sad watching her but I wasn't at all...she left me smiling once again. All the couples had great chemistry and stole my heart with their awkward but darling relationships. The writing was excellent. Marshal Younger and Torry Martin proved that true writing talent doesn't require crude dialogue and lude sex scenes. Cory and Caleb Vetter showed remarkable vision in their casting of You Tube talent. They stretched a small budget far beyond what was humanly possible and should be very proud of their end results--the best movie I've seen in a looooooong time! Well done.

Osama A (us) wrote: A horror film is what ?The Neon Demon? is (sort of). It?s set in the Los Angeles fashion world, and it?s the kind of movie in which models look like mannequins that look like slasher-film corpses, and corpses look like love objects. Beauty mingles with mangled flesh, and each fastidiously slick image seems to have come out of ?Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me? or ?The Shining? or a very sick version of a Calvin Klein commercial. Every scene, every shot, every line of dialogue, every pause is so hypnotically composed, so luxuriously overdeliberate, that the audience can?t help but assume that Refn knows exactly what he?s doing ? that he?s setting us up for the kill.

Mehrshad A (au) wrote: damn this is interesting, I LOVE IT

Eugene Y (es) wrote: Shit! Nuff said. Actually I wouldn't bother giving a review about it, but I just had to, cause it's shit! 50 cent as the main actor just doesn't do any good to the movie at all, in fact it makes the whole movie dull and boring, no expression at all. The only good thing is Robert De Niro, which is a waste of good actor. I watched 20 minutes of it and that's it, I couldn't stand watching for another hour of it.

Aaron G (it) wrote: Thank you, Mr. Spielberg, for giving us one of the very, very few great WW1 movies.

Jessica H (fr) wrote: random film,where things go bad,so people have to die for the "greater good".

Pia K (nl) wrote: Kivalla tavalla toteutettu leffa jossa supersuloiset nyttelijt. ;) Olin muistaakseni nhnyt tmnkin joskus aikaisemmin. Hyvin pysyi krryill, vaikka takaumissa hypittiinkin sattumanvaraisesti sinne sun tnne. :)

Erika K (fr) wrote: Sad. It's a tragic, real story but except for some fotage of the young children I wasn't really moved. I didn't feel anything really.

Jackie S (jp) wrote: loved this - his story is so interesting. the dressing room scene before the reunion show with david and arthur was priceless... love the morrissey song at the end too - good choice...

Monica D (gb) wrote: We rented this movie hoping it was horrible but it was awesome. Any movie that involves dueling with a 12 yr old is pretty great.


Ken S (jp) wrote: Sadly...they made a sequel. Part of the problem with this sequel is that the original one felt like a sequel to a movie that did not exist. It had the rounding up of the old gang, and even though we hadn't met most of them before it was written in a way where you kind of feel like you had. This one just repeats the formula. We have to round everyone up again, but this time with just Aykroyd since Belushi had long since passed. Aykroyd was much better when Elwood said very little, as a quiet sideman to Belushi's Jake. John Goodman does his best that he can with the role that he is given. Having a dumb kid is idiotic, and it makes no real sense in context. But the film just can't compete. It tries to bigger, but it never gets better (it topped the size of the car chase pile up from the previous film, but it wasn't nearly as much fun to watch) and it fell too far into the fantasy sometimes (like Ghost Riders in the Sky and the weird Bayou musical voodoo stuff...what was going on?). The film just doesn't compare to the first film, it lacks the same heart in spite of some great music. Shame Aykroyd couldn't let it lie, as he soiled the legacy of what really only worked with Belushi.

Greg W (de) wrote: a good and likeable rom-dram

Leigh W (au) wrote: Ill laid out..pretty superficial zero substance...

John M (gb) wrote: Even though the entire film is basically Albert Finney explaining the plot, it's still brilliant dialogue, suspenseful and surprising in story.

Timm S (ag) wrote: I Think The Issue Here Is, Pierce Brosnan Never Seems At Much Risk Or Potential Of Being Eradicated. A Bit Ho-Hum As Such.. It's Nice To See Him Back In The Role, As An Government Agent, He Is Most Famous For...However, The Bad Guys, Just Seem Far Too Inept. His Nemisis, 'David Mason' Is Played By Bracey, In Only His 2nd Major Role..No Match For Brosna..Whom Owns It..Whereas Bracey Does Not. The Russian Assassin Chick Was Alright Tho..Hrmm.