The Public Woman

The Public Woman

An inexperienced young actress is invited to play a role in a film based on Dostoyevsky's 'The Possessed'. The film director, a Czech immigrant in Paris, takes over her life, and in a short time she is unable to draw the line between acting and reality. She winds up playing a real-life role posing as the dead wife of another Czech immigrant, who is manipulated by the filmmaker into commiting a political assasination.

An unexperienced young actress is invited to play a role in a film based on Dostoyevsky's 'The Possessed'. The film director, a Czech immigrant in Paris, takes over her life, and in a short... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blanca W (gb) wrote: this a really good movie i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Lau H (fr) wrote: IMO this movie try to have more depth on the movie while retain the same awesomeness in the action scene. Well, the result is less exciting and less entertaining. However I must admit that kitchen fighting scene is still as awesome as the first episode storeroom scene.

Timothy J (fr) wrote: Not sure what to think of this movie. The dream sequences throughout made the film a bit bizarre. Well acted. The last fifteen minutes do make the movie and a uplifting.

Jimmi S (it) wrote: verka rtt oki i fan vilken jvla skit...till och med dialogerna ballade ju ur och var skit dliga...frgan r bara hur fan de har lyckats f med Sherilyn Fenn

James H (us) wrote: Quite decent little thriller. Benjamin Bratt does a good job, nice location shooting, good 1930's setting. Fine cinematography, good production values, nice pacing.

Juan M (fr) wrote: Definitely one of Woody Allen's lesser efforts, in spite one or two sparks of brilliance scattered among its 94 minutes.

Corvin S (au) wrote: Its a Great movie but you have to watch it a few times to "get" it.

Debdoot B (fr) wrote: Simplicity is not a simple thing. Ray's philosophy, once again

Matt L (de) wrote: these two make it look so damn easy

Tyler R (it) wrote: This movie was a mixed bag. The action was very solid and well done but everything else was a basic and a mess.

Jeffrey M (es) wrote: Whitey: United States of America V. James J. Bulger serves as both a fascinating crime story and a powerful indictment against the criminal justice system. It's a documentary that gives a detailed account of the Bulger trial, the sensationalism of the man, and the unnerving relationship he had with senior federal and local officials.Director Joe Berlinger weaves an intricate tale in Whitey, starting out examining the unimaginable destruction left in the wake of Whitey's actions, namely the countless victims still waiting for closure. To his credit, Berlinger doesn't stop there. Instead, he examines the central question at issue in the trial, and really the primary point of contention, was he an FBI informant or not? Whitey's defense team presents compelling evidence that it wasn't Whitey that was the informant, but rather key FBI officials, who fed Whitey information and tip offs in exchange for cash. Unbeknownst to Whitey, they also used his name to sign off on wiretaps and search warrants, building a case against the local Italian mob, under the guise of his supposed corroboration. Berlinger does an excellent job weaving the tale together with interviews of lawyers, investigators, victims, and courtroom audio. We are exposed to the different perspectives, while never sacrificing the heat of the story, those whose lives are inextricably linked in the web of corruption. The film certainly leans a certain direction, yet doesn't come across as manipulative, but rather objective and penetrating. In the end, it's an engrossing story that will astound you with its implications.4/5 Stars