The Puppet Grave Digger

The Puppet Grave Digger

In a small German town roams Ben, a boy with mental disorders. When several youths are murdered Ben becomes suspect.

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Mark S (au) wrote: Should be retitled 'Don't Watch It'...Go find something more rewarding to do with 80 mins...this stinks !

Grant W (gb) wrote: Wonderfully rich in detail and absolutely engaging from start to finish, this is a documentary that does what it can to talk about an individual's life and make it so we totally understand both their 'ins' AND their 'outs'. Like the title says, it's just Life Itself.In this case, it's an individual who has inspired multitudes of filmmakers, film lovers, analysts, and writers.My two thumbs are raised up high, one for Mr. Ebert, and one for this movie. Very well done Steve James and company, very well done.

Matt S (mx) wrote: The special effects were not bad, but the plot was so Aliens it hurt. Also, this movie wasn't cheesy or terrible enough to be an entertaining B-movie. Not to mention, there were sexy pirate characters but no real sex or nudity at all to help it get to cult or b-movie heaven.

Stan B (us) wrote: Transamerica needed better dialogue, better humor and more meaningful scenes in the road trip, but it largely succeeds due to endearing characters, warm ending, realistic portrayals of characters and relationships and Felicity Huffman who is absolutely phenomenal, shines all the way through and she should have won an Oscar for this incredibly demanding role.

Michelle R (gb) wrote: A very good movie worth seeing

Alex K (es) wrote: I'll Become A Filmmaker When I Grow Up.

Robert I (au) wrote: So bad. I swear this was made for FOX TV.

Kristie V (jp) wrote: I don't get people giving bad ratings because this is a movie made for kids. I took 3 kids and they say 4 stars. They said to deduct a star for the dog.

Grace C (de) wrote: The first half is an awful lot like "Anastasia" (the animated Fox movie) and then there's a treasure hunt!

Nicholas R (ru) wrote: Almost the best movie I've seen ever

Evan T (nl) wrote: It felt like an episode of Goosebumps but with gore.

James H (nl) wrote: A film that will probably be associated with Danny Boyle the most, his directorial style suits this cult film perfectly. Ewan McGregor in particular is spectacular and the soundtrack is timeless. The way Boyle intertwines the morals with the ridiculousness is what's most impressive. This has a brutal realistic factor and is so rewatchable that you can't help but love it.

Colleen C (us) wrote: If my dog were blind and brainless he could make a better movie than this. I would rather take my eyes out with a plastic fork while chewing glass than watch this movie again. If you're tempted to watch it...just don't.

Kurt B (br) wrote: The premise of an undercover cop going native is nothing new. But seldom has it been done worse than in this sad excuse for a film.

John D (ru) wrote: Great title, abysmal movie.