The Quality of Light

The Quality of Light

The Quality of Light is the story of a reunion between Mary and David, who were once passionate lovers - for two weeks, thirty-five years ago and haven't seen each other since. Through a ...

The Quality of Light is the story of a reunion between Mary and David, who were once passionate lovers - for two weeks, thirty-five years ago and haven't seen each other since. Through a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian W (de) wrote: I can appreciate the authenticity with all the accents but seeing as how I'm not Irish or Italian I can't understand half of what's being said which makes following the story so difficult that it completely ruins the experience.

Lourenda S (au) wrote: liked it...a good cartoon that adults like

B Z (ag) wrote: Nothing much to say but meh

Edith N (gb) wrote: Someone on IMDB complains that this film does not give us perspective, that we cannot from this see [i]why[/i] Goebbels thought as he thought, why Nazism was so popular, why events unfolded as they did. However, the point of this doucmentary--narrated by Kenneth Branagh, who does seem to spend a lot of his career stewed in the horrors of the Nazis, when it's not Shakespearean--is not to give us any kind of grand overview. Instead, we hear one voice, that of Goebbels himself. True, there are a few clips where we hear other voices, even that of Hitler himself, but by and large, we are listening to Goebbels in monologue. Branagh reads from his meticulously-kept diaries, leading us through animosity and petty rivalry, through self-aggrandizement and self-doubt. We hear Goebbels first whine that he doesn't want to be Minister of Propaganda and then declare that only he truly understands the subject. In a sense, we do start to understand why. We learn that this is a man with a remarkable capacity for self-delusion and a remarkable determination to delude others. Is it really so difficult to see this one man as a symbol for an entire system? Branagh gives us an understated reading, delivering these words without passion. Whether it's Goebbels's despair at his single state or his delight at his wedding, Branagh reads them in the same voice. In a sense, his delivery serves to highlight the emotional complexity of the material with which he's working. Disdain for Churchill, Himmler, and the Jews are all inflected the same, often to chilling effect. Underplaying all of this are clips from the era--a snippet of [i]Triumph of the Will[/i], shots of newsreel footage both German and British, clips of various other German films of the era and their "making of" footage. We see what can only be a Nazi-produced documentary about Goebbels as Branagh reads us Goebbels's own account of the places of his childhood. Each film segment seems perfectly selected, giving the whole a strong unity. I will admit, however, that listening to what they [i]did[/i] choose to read us makes me wonder all the more about what they left out. I could also do without the footage that opens and closes the film, that of Goebbels's charred corpse. Bleah!

Evan K (us) wrote: I disagree with what most people wrote on here, the plot was quit simple and obvious. Maybe so much so that it appears obscure or pointless. And I don't think there is a lot of immaturity in the production, alot of the shots, exposures, and scenes are very rich in mood and ambience. As for the soundtrack, it works, its not a music video, it is a movie. Most people that pick this up are probably expeting something different. It is an odd ball film though, the halucinatons are quit disturbed and this makes my top 5 f*ed up movie list along with "Holy Mountain" "Rubber's Lover" and "Videodrome." Ahh, but there is something sincere here, going on in the actors and shots, very full of fear which is the toughest emotion to sell, not like their candy music, very surprising. Anyway, go check this out because you don't deserve the illusions.

Robin T (mx) wrote: The plot is a bit too truncated for it to be truly engaging, but there's some really memorable imagery.

Ben H (ag) wrote: Decent reverse order narrative movie, with plenty of typical Korean abject misery to keep us entertained. I like the train tracks motif too.

Andrew S (ca) wrote: My favorite Guilty pleasure.

Shane J (nl) wrote: i really wanna c this classic!!

Sylvester E (kr) wrote: Billy Wilder wrote a great screenplay and it shows in this wonderful film. Gary Copper and Barbara Stanwyck are in fantastic in this very funny film.

Altered E (au) wrote: Batman Forever is the best movie ever made; with the exception of maybe the Fifth Element or Blade Runner or Kingdom of Heaven, Batman Forever is the one movie you can watch a million times and get something new every time you watch it.Honestly, however, I do not see why people hate on Batman & Robin for being the ultimate low of the original franchise, but spare this film the same criticism. It's just as over-the-top and campy, the acting is just as mediocre, the production conceptualization is just as misguided. Indeed, the only difference is that B&R is enjoyably, laughably bad, whereas this installment is just mediocre and bad.

Sam G (au) wrote: Ashton Kutcher Really does look like a young Steve Jobs.

Atit P (fr) wrote: It was very good movie watched with friends at Cinema.