The Quatermass Experiment

The Quatermass Experiment

A contemporary adaptation of Nigel Kneale's seminal 1953 science fiction serial.

A contemporary adaptation of Nigel Kneale's seminal 1953 science fiction serial. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda D (fr) wrote: ?The series can't wait for the rest

Bob S (ru) wrote: I'm not sure if Mrs. Harris (the character) is guilty of murder; but, Mrs. Harris (the movie) is guilty of boredom. I wasn't sure if I was watching a dark comedy or not. Was I supposed to think it was funny? I would skip this overacted mess.

Coral B (de) wrote: This generations Free Willy. Good for the whole family with a cute little surprise at the end. Mee-Shee was a very well done monster. Another great family flick.

Joel J (ca) wrote: Such a lovely masterpiece! So artful and delicately beautiful. I hold this film close to my heart.

Wild S (ca) wrote: Spielberg's take on black slavery, very similar to his take on WWII, the holocaust, alien invasions. There are the utterly helpless victims -- in this case blacks who can't speak English -- who are beset by the gap-toothed villains -- in this case, the face of slavery -- until handsome heroes with pretty teeth (and their inevitable Jewish sidekick) ride in and save the day. The art direction looks like something out of Architectural Digest -- blacks are portrayed in warm yellows and browns; white in cold but harmonious blues and browns. You know, my impression of the face of slavery was pretty white people with nice teeth who partied a lot with the proceeds from other people's work. Who does that sound like -- Hollywood people!

Joanof A (jp) wrote: monochromatic cinematography i this film is very effective and visually good to look at.. suspense through out the film.. jeremy irons is credible as kafka.. kafka's unique life and work..scares and terrific performances. you should see this

Gimly M (jp) wrote: The crime-thriller, family-drama and action hero elements of the film rub up against each other rather than meshing, but the skill that went in to the filmmaking behind Backdraft is irrefutable.

Ethan D (kr) wrote: A very funny comedy classic has that foreigner-comes-to-America feel to it.

Patricia D (us) wrote: Does this have an original plot and strong acting from everyone concerned? No. How did Patsy Kensit come to be known as an actess? She is utterly awful. Why is Bowie on the cover? He is only in it for about 5 or ten minutes all up and has little bearing on the story line. Plus he has a terrible American accent. His only saving grace is an amazing musical number. Look it up on You Tube and save yourself some time! How did this rate higher than Labyrinth on the tomato scale? Professional critics think it's a better movie, but Labyrinth has a cult following with its audience. Is it worth seeing? No.

Roy C (de) wrote: Communists evict Dracula, forcing him to relocate to the United States. He comes up against a New York City police chief and Van Helsing's overprotective, Liev Schreiber-like grandson in his quest for love.

Plain C (kr) wrote: "In some countries marriage is a punishment" Wayne. Love it love it love it love it .watched it way too many times though love it.

Curtis M (ag) wrote: Really good Body-snatching film. The corpse kind, where thugs steal dead bodies and sell them to medical schools, not the alien kind. Pain in the ass to find, but worth it.