The Quick and the Dead

The Quick and the Dead

In 1876 Wyoming, the gun is the only law. And for Duncan and Suzanna McKaskel (Tom Conti and Kate Capshaw), newly arrived settlers beset by outlaws, rugged frontiersman Con Vallian (Sam Elliot) is the only hope.From the book by famed Western author Louis L'Amor, the Quick and the Dead is a rousing adventure recalling all-time greats like Shane and Pale Rider. It shares tried-and-true ingredients of those sagebrush sagas: a tale of peacable folk driven to action under the guidance of a mysterious stranger, rich outdorr cinematography and a stellar cast led by the peerless Elliot.

A mysterious stranger rides into a homesteading family's life when they are attacked by a ruthless gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (br) wrote: Like the girl but not the movie

Sgt C (es) wrote: (16%)A very average at best talking animal family movie with a story so weak is is pretty amazing that the writers even bothered to start writing it, never mind finish. It is inoffensive and mildly amusing at times, but I doubt even young children will show much joy towards it.

Greg P (nl) wrote: Pretty decent sequel. This movie kept a lot of the original cast and was pretty funny. It tries to keep topping the original when it comes to being over the top and with the "gross-out humor". One of the really funny parts was Adam Carolla's cameo as the guy that teaches John Michael Higgins' character how to seduce women. Lastly, this movie has both Danneel Harris and Maggie Lawson who are both high up on my list of top celebrity women. And that's a good thing.

Vincent K (de) wrote: when I heared it was a musical turn movie, i was thinking on the line of "Hairspray" and "Dreamgirls" where it's film on location or even sets, not a filming of the the theater show. That said and done I must say I didn't expect it to be such a great show seeing that I never saw the real musical, it's so real as it touch on topics in (almost) everyday life. The singing was great, the dancing was fun and most of all it had a good sense of humor behind it, it's a little in your face but it's those things you'll hate to love and I mean that in the best possible way. of cause, ten cute naked guys running around, dancing and singing will deff grab some attention, it's what caught my attention in the first place, hahaha. if you have seen the theater production LIVE then you might get a little dissapointed that it's just a filming of the theater show and the cheap speacial effects won't help, but fans of it might want to relive the show again at the comfort of your home. after all that said I LOVE the show and the whole concept behind it, I would really like to catch the live theater show but i guess this would be as close as I can get for now. it's a fun, hilarious, cheecky (pun intented =P), a good fun movie for an open minded crowd, and of cause gay men...

Diana S (au) wrote: [b]Murder Set Pieces[/b] has absolutely no redeeming qualities. There's a Nazi photographer who kills people, mostly women, in supposedly very violent ways. And only a little girl can figure it out and stop him. Terrible acting, production, dialogue. Even the gore is lame. I just felt bored and mildly disgusted by the whole thing. And they talk in German with no subtitles quite a bit. It only gets one star for good music. Otherwise, it would have no stars.[b]Hairspray[/b] stars off really strong. Newcomer Nikki Blonsky is delightful as Tracy who dreams of dancing on a television show. She gets her wish, but then has to fight for integration. The story is good (this is the first version of the movie/play that I've seen) and all of the supporting cast is strong. However, towards the middle of the film, it begins to drag. And when Blonsky's not involved in the song, it drags. Still very entertaining.I loved [b]Night Breed[/b] when I was younger, but was afraid that it wouldn't hold up. However, writer/director Clive Barker ("Lord of Illusions)'s vision of a home for monsters holds up quite well. The story revolves around Boone, a man with horrible nightmares, whose shrink, played by David Cronenberg, convinces him that he's actually committed the murders from his dreams. But Boone has also been dreaming of Midian, where the monsters live. He then finds himself leading them against the humans bent on their destruction. And there's a love story. The effects are done with make-up so they haven't really aged. And the story doesn't spend a long time on set up, you're just taken into Boone's plight. The inhabitants as well as the mythology of Midian are fascinating. So I still love it.While [b]Zodiac [/b]is set in the 70s, it feels like it was made in the 70s. David Fincher ("Panic Room") takes his time laying out the story and characters involved in the Zodiac serial killer case. Excellent cast, even just the bit players are big names (Brian Cox, Phillip Baker Hall). The cinematography and production were very atmospheric. But this isn't a thriller. There are a few tense moments, but it's really about journalism and puzzle solving. Well worth the two hours and forty minutes. And I love seeing Robert Downey Jr. ("Lucky You") and Mark Ruffalo ("All the Kings Men").

Alex r (ag) wrote: Open Water is a terrific example of using a simple concept to create something truly horrific./ Based on real events, the film follows a couple stuck in the middle of the ocean after being stranded when scuba diving, and they were left behind due to an inaccurate head count. What follows is a tense, horrifying fight to survive in the middle of nowhere. I really thought that this film was well executed in the sense that it really brought out the best in the survival horror film, and the two cast members were very good in portraying that fear and fight to stay alive. Brilliantly crafted and it's a steadily paced, well plotted film that goes deep into the psychological aspects of staying alive in the most stressful environment. Open Water may not be the finest survival horror film, but it's an accomplished picture nonetheless that showcases a simple idea, yet the filmmakers were able to get the most out of the plot due to riveting, tense and highly memorable moments of sheer terror. For a small budgeted picture, Open Water is a worthwhile filmgoing experience that truly delivers the shocks. What also separates this film from others is the more dramatic approach to the material and it makes the film stand out much more than it needs to. With great performances, a well structured story, Open Water is a must see for any genre fan looking for a truly tense film to watch. The film may not be much, but the sheer notion of being stuck in the middle of the ocean is enough to grab your attention right up to the final frame.

Jared B (es) wrote: Excellently directed, this true story acted by the real life people moves seamlessly from documentary, narrative film, and stage play.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: An atrocious excuse for a western. This stinks on every level. Reeks of made-for-TV priduction style and lighting. Woefully directed. A waste of Colin Farrells talent. How 'professional' film makers can churn out this kind of film is beyond me. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Chris S (ru) wrote: Godzilla 2000 is a fun film with an interesting story, surprisingly good characters, and, as always, awesome monster action.

Joo P (de) wrote: Um clssico pertencente era dos video nasties.

Kristen S (mx) wrote: as visually arresting, sensuous and evocative as any movie i've ever seen. absolutely an underrated classic.

SV G (ru) wrote: Frank Capra's last film was far from his best, however thus too long, too fractured story of an aging apple peddler (Bette Davis) who's lucky apples and long lost daughter (Anne Margaret's first film) draws the mob into a farce to disguise Apple Annie as a society queen offers a fine performance by Davis and a colorful cast of characters that Capra is known for.

Kaleb S (us) wrote: Malkovich Malkovich! Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

Rodney E (us) wrote: A lame attempt at trying to capture the 90's Generation X scene. Nothing says angst like Ethan Hawke playing his crappy song at a coffee house. Winona Ryder is beautiful if that counts for anything.