The Quiet American

The Quiet American

A stylish political thriller where love and war collide in Southeast Asia. Set in early 1950s Vietnam, a young American becomes entangled in a dangerous love triangle when he falls for the beautiful mistress of a British journalist. As war is waged around them, these three only sink deeper into a world of drugs, passion, and betrayal where nothing is as it seems.

British Thomas Fowler enjoys his life in Saigon working as a reporter for the London Times| covering the conflict in Vietnam between the colonial French powers and
the communists| who seem to be winning the war. In the later stages of his career| he takes his job lightly now| filing stories only on occasion| and no longer doing
field work. But most important| this posting allows him to escape from what he considers a dreary life in London--including an unsatisfying marriage to a Catholic
woman| who will never grant him a divorce--which in turn allows him to have an affair with a young Vietnamese ex-taxi dancer named Phuong| whom he loves and would
marry if he were able. Phuong's sister doesn't much like Fowler if only because Fowler cannot provide a stable future for her. His idyllic life is threatened when
head office suggests he go back to London. In this way| he decides to write a major story to prove to his superiors that he should stay in Saigon. In 1952| Fowler is
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Lynn H (fr) wrote: What makes people take these guys seriously?

Laura J (ag) wrote: Awesome! Role model for fathers!

David F (ag) wrote: Interest show to watch for a different.

Minxy M (it) wrote: A very enjoyable film. Normally I can't stand comedies but this film had a well developed plot, character development and the humor was believable and related to the audience. Nothing was too over the top but I just couldn't stop laughing!

Thomas F (es) wrote: I LOVE Brie Larson but I'm a little mad she always gets the short end of the stick; don't get me wrong--she's a phenomenal and hilarious supporting actress (Scott Pilgrim, 21 Jump Street, and upcoming Spectacular Now and Don Jon), but I am so ready for her to have a lead role. Though my girl is still lovable and quirky in this flick, the movie as a whole seems to fall flat due to the rest of the cast and the boring plot.

Tim M (mx) wrote: Hey we're trapped in a mine with no water. Want to take X and play with a Ouija board? Our friend is injured, we shouldn't move her, want to slow down our search by dragging her along? I'm running for my life, should I keep this incredibly heavy music box in my backpack? Even for Dutch airheads in a horror movie, many their actions seem incredulously stupid. The action camera is far too shaky, ruining the potentially intense scenes with dizziness. However there are some good kills and an interesting story that make up for the directing and plot short comings.

Dennis R (it) wrote: I watched a beloved relative fade away suddenly and gradually from this disease. Why do the film at all? Go to a local nursing home and visit the afflicted. This is pure fiction wrapped in a cloak of syrupy sentimentalism.

Francisco S (de) wrote: Boring film for the childreen only some kids thinks that this film is funny, boring cast and not very creative.

Andrew M (fr) wrote: Highly recommended.......

Helen M (es) wrote: This film is not bad for a Saturday night tv movie, but offers little if anything new to the genre of creepy child thriller. This type of film was done to great effect and was very successful in 1976 with The Omen(even the 2006 remake was a fairly decent watch) and any film that attempts to replicate this type of storyline fades into insignificance.What was Robert De Niro thinking!

andy t (br) wrote: Worst movie in the history of moves!

Sue S (it) wrote: I liked this a lot, but it was really odd in a way. Here is this Jewish teenager during WWII able to survive by everyone seeming to fall in love with his looks. Also interesting, it had been expected to be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film but Germany did not submit it.

Bill B (us) wrote: Man, this one manages to be boring in spite of the typically promising concept of sexy stewardesses relaxing at a ranch. Hell, there's even some vaudeville style bullshit humor thrown in courtesy of some barely living comedians doing routines that HAD to be dated when they were first done in the 40s, for Christ's sake.Rental, at best.

Grant S (us) wrote: Just feels so...meh.Set in the year 2415, four hundred years after a virus wipes out all the humans on Earth except those in one city. That city was saved due to one inhabitant, Dr Goodchild, discovering an anti-virus. The city is now a (seemingly) benevolent dictatorship, run by the descendants of Dr Goodchild. However, strange things are afoot, thanks to the government. A rebel group does exist though and it counts among its members one Aeon FLux...Though the broad plot didn't seem overly original there was some room for an interesting story. That potential is wasted through style-over-substance direction which disguises a fairly weak and silly plot. The director does her best to create an air of mystery and suspense but this involves meaningless scenes, just there to confuse the audience. Cue the inevitable action scenes and explosions...Performances are pretty weak too. Charlize Theron seems listless as Aeon Flux. The character had the potential to be a great symbol for female empowerment through being a strong, invincible female action figure. Yet the writer and director hedge their bets and make her also a femme fatale and a sullen mysterious figure (to go with the superficial mystery of the movie). No wonder Theron seemed out of it - the character was so inconsistent!The remainder of the cast seem to be phoning it in too.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: This movie shows us that no idea is too ridiculous. Three average Joe's decide to murder their bosses. Crazy right? Well, what works is the chemistry between the three leads and just how hilarious they are. I laughed out loud constantly in this film. One of the funniest I've ever seen. What also works for this movie is how over the top the bosses are. Kevin Spacey is one of the most evil people I've ever seen and Jennifer Aniston goes all out sex addict and you can tell they are all having fun with it. Overall, this movie is hilarious. A must watch for any comedy fan. Just stay away from the sequel. It's garbage.

Aaron C (au) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable quirky romcom about the delayed coming-of-age for a girl who never grew up, and the 2nd teendom/prom/divorcee-dad it takes for her to choose her 2nd chance at life. Knightley and Moretz play their roles well, and the divorce-lawyer who's seen it all is convincingly cynical.

Adam T (ag) wrote: I championed this second Star Wars prequel on its release because it 'seemed' more in spirit with the classic trilogy than the disappointing 'Episode 1' which, I felt was basically a kids movie sans heart. Then with the release of the quite solid 'Revenge of the Sith', I saw this one for what it was- a turgid, inter-galactic snoozefest with wooden performances, soap opera dialogue, and effects that were too ambitious for the realism they meant to acheive. Or was it simply a case of too much greenscreen for the actors to perform against? The movie is also painstakingly long and demands more attention than it deserves. Also, due to the fact that we know Anakin will turn to the dark side of the force anyway, how can we accept him as a hero? The narrative is kind of pointless (especially against a soppy unconvincing love story) and only serves to bridge the gap to the final act in the Anakin saga.

Cameron F (nl) wrote: Spike Lee is a hit and miss director for sure. However I expected a bit more from the source material. Instead we get another character tale that misses too many times.

Aaron G (au) wrote: Beautiful, pleasant, easy to digest, and mediocre.