The Rail Rider

The Rail Rider

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1916
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:embezzlement,   railway,  

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The Rail Rider torrent reviews

James W (br) wrote: A mystery writer wants revenge after being raped and left for dead. Mario Bello gives an Emmy worthy performance though. And the fact that it's done in a dark comedy sort of way makes the movie entertaining in a twisted sort of way.

Miguel R (br) wrote: Bad filmmaking with an uninteresting script, Colombiana is a mess of a film

Marischa B (nl) wrote: I won't say this is a perfect movie, but I liked it. It was funny, enjoyable and well-performed. One or two moments may drag and the sentimentality is not quite kept at bay, but overall I really liked Three Fugitives.Three Fugitives is beautiful to look at certainly, the sumptuous cinematography and beautiful scenery really gives the film a lovely look to it. The music is good too, as is the direction. The script is very funny and quotable and the story is believable with good action, while the pacing on the whole is secure enough. The acting also helps elevate, Nick Nolte and Martin Short's chemistry mayn't be an immediate classic, but it is believable and both men do really well in their roles especially Short who has plenty of slapstick laughs. And it was a delight to see James Earl Jones again, a great actor with a wonderful, dignified presence and rarely disappoints in his films and this is no exception.In conclusion, an enjoyable film and worth watching at least once.

Andrew J (nl) wrote: Once you cut through the trivia of organised crime semi-hilarious cliche , you are left with a warm hearted friendship between two blokes that transcends life an death. Not a perfect movie, but ultimately that friendship makes it both watchable and enjoyable.

Dreamer T (kr) wrote: mmm, koOl dance!!Do u remember when..?

jesus e (gb) wrote: Una gran despedida del maestro, ya no quera volver a filmar, sin embargo, volvi con esta cinta que recuerda mucho a "El", aqu ya de plano Buuel se maneja como un virtuoso y se le ocurre usar a dos actrices diferentes para el mismo papel (lo que le faltaba no?), las actrices en s son diferentes y sirven perfectamente para retratar las cualidades y emociones de esta terrible tentacin; Angela molina es pasin y erotismo, Carole Bouquet es fra y peligrosamente hermosa. As se convierten en ese obscuro objeto de deseo para el protagonista, que ni siquiera se da cuenta de los ataques terroristas que ocurren a su alrededor. Un digno eplogo de tal vez la carrera ms prolfera de cualquier director. Bravo y ... gracias maestro.

Jim Q (ru) wrote: Great movie! I have always been a big fan of Charles Bronson. I found Death Wish 2 at a store, but it was a triple feature and I already had the other two movies: Assassination, and Messenger of Death. I didn't buy it then. But a couple weeks later I found this one - the original Death Wish. As soon as I finished watching it, I went back and bought DW2. Trivia note: Denzel Washington played a mugger in this - his first movie.

Greg S (it) wrote: An eager young coffee salesman (Malcolm McDowell) sets out to make his fortune in the world but instead has many peculiar and unlucky adventures, finding himself mistaken for a spy, volunteering for medical experiments, taking up with a touring rock band, becoming personal assistant to a ruthless capitalist, and being sent to prison, among others. Basically a 1970s version of Voltaire's "Candide." At 3 hours it's way overlong, although the ambition is admirable; McDowell's charming performance and some very strange, surreal satirical set-pieces make it worth watching.

Brian P (au) wrote: This was John Wayne at his funniest. He and Maureen O'Hara made a great team as an estranged couple. The best part was when they were fighting at the mine shaft and everyone fell into the hole. O'Hara said in an interview at least 45 were fighting in that scene.

Shane A (ag) wrote: Best propaganda film I've seen since American Sniper.

Trevor W (ag) wrote: A documentary that begins by questioning the life of an unrecognized artistic genius, and its answers only brings up more questions. Filled with interviews with the eccentric people that knew her, Finding Vivian Maier is as intriguing as it is mysterious. A mystery solved by only adding to it.

Mel C (kr) wrote: Bored stupid throughout. Rubbish story. No feeling for characters at all. Wooden acting. Rather watch East Enders .....

Ryan B (nl) wrote: Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

Lynn S (br) wrote: I watched this show years ago but it remains in my mind to this day. So powerful, it's almost a real metaphysical story. I liked its reference to karma and religion.

Jacob G (us) wrote: Cheesy acting and general hair-brained foes make this little more than a way to burn some time. However, there is something singularly satisfying about seeing an organized crime organization get dismantled single-handedly. The prototypically 80s theme song is hilarious and horrible all at the same time. Don't spend money on this little beat-em-up, but not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.