The Rainbow

The Rainbow

Ken Russell's rather loose adaptation of the last part of D.H. Lawrence's "The Rainbow" sees impulsive young Ursula coming of age in pastoral England around the time of the Boer War. At school, she is introduced to lovemaking by a bisexual physical education instructress. While experiencing disillusionment in her first career attempt (teaching), she has an affair with a young Army officer, who wants to marry her. Unable to accept a future of domesticity, she breaks with him, and eventually leaves home in search of her destiny.

A young woman deals in her own personal way with the trials of adolescence and young adulthood in early 1900s England. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer S (mx) wrote: An Aussie comedy starring True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, Griff is a pragmatically kooky film with little consideration for plot or character development. Instead it tries to contain its quirky attitude by subverting the superhero genre once more, adding to the list that includes Defendor and Super. It's less of a superhero genre and more of an indie romantic comedy. The superhero aspect of the plot is simply to deviate from the character's oddity up front. At first it seems to fit well within superhero fair, including big fights, large equipment, and even a latex costume. Still, it's supposed to be about a man with complex imaginatory powers and a woman with the same freakish demeanor. Griff seems to be too psychologically damaged to make sense as a male lead, and his imagination swells the entire film in a fog of uncertainty. For a large portion of the film I wasn't sure if he really did possess all the capabilities of a hero or if it was a part of his psyche. It's always nice to see the lonesome protagonist fight the odds by being a force of goodness while staying in the shadows, but here it's just more embarrassment and shame. Of course, even if he was the hero, he would be atypical since he keeps to himself and acts senselessly. At the same time his brother is dating a strange woman who meets Griff unexpectedly and she becomes the love interest. Their antics together, and their shared neurosis makes for the rest of the plot, which winds into obscurity and delineates quickly from the beginning. By the very end it's clear that it's cute and charming in places, but overall it's also convoluted, complicated, and formulaic as well. The performances from everyone, especially Kwanten and Dermody, were dramatically sound. I found the leads to be realistically strange and yet sympathetic to each other, nearly symbiotic with their co-dependency. A great love story in the cutest sense.

Vincent L (br) wrote: I was expecting a better performance from Val Kilmer, actually from Cuba Gooding Jr. as well. The acting is not the only problem with this movie though... so many things are bad about this movie that its not even worth listing them. Just skip this one.

Manu G (de) wrote: Manipulation and Second Chance in Life.Very good Film! Movies related to lawyers and court rooms are usually engaging and "The Trials of Cate McCall" is no exception, with a good story of manipulation and second chance in life with many twists. Once again Kate Beckinsale proves that is not only gorgeous, but also a great actress with a wonderful performance. The plot and characters are well developed and the plot point surprises.In California, Cate McCall is an alcoholic lawyer that was put on probation and rehab. She had an argument with a judge that sent her to the Breathalyzer test and the bar put her on probation in a small office. Cate is also fighting to recover custody of her daughter that lives with her father that is moving to Seattle. Cate is assigned to defend Lacey Stubbs, who has appealed claiming that she had been wrongly accused of murdering another woman since there was a trial error. Further, Lacey also tells that she was raped by a guard in the prison. Cate, who has never lost a case, investigates the case with his friend Bridges and they find evidences that might prove that Lacey is innocent and her case is fabricated. But is she really not guilty?

Ben W (fr) wrote: A poorly written stage show performed badly with a effects team that have no idea. I've seen college projects better. Billie Piper what were you thinking?

Felipe F (ca) wrote: Full commitment from Geoffrey Rush unfortunately can't save Shine from an emotional distant tone that is shadowed by other films of the same genre resulting in a Oscar-baiting clich.

Jeffrey C (fr) wrote: ...oh I get it! Men are bad!

Joshua L (ca) wrote: I once told Trent Harris that Rubin & Ed was the Napoleon Dynamite of my generation. I was referring to the offbeat nature of his very quotable film with main characters that are stranger than the plot. The comparison didn't last long. Soon after, Nappy D erupted into one of the biggest indie-film successes of all-time and catapulted its director into a successful Hollywood career. Trent Harris wasn't so lucky, but his film is just as good.

Theo R (de) wrote: A great movie by John Hughes. John Candy was brilliant and is dearly missed.

Gabriel Arthur P (ca) wrote: This IS a classic. This film did not necessarily tread new territory in B-grade films, however, it DID set a new standard -- or "throw down the gauntlet" as it's said. You'd be missing out on film history if you chose not to watch it. It's genuinely one of those B-grade films that deserves an A-grade status. Do yourself a favor -- go back in time and watch this film. 5/5

DC F (us) wrote: It's a good story (at least original as far as I know) and the comedy is definitely there. One of the reasons I became a Michael Keaton fan (next to Johnny Dangerously)!

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Anthony J (us) wrote: Watchable fare with Gooding Jr just sleepwalking through it all. Dolph Lundgren however, is quite good in this. This "B" level of film is sadly too familiar for Lundgren, who is alot more entertaining to watch than this film's oscar winner

Adam K (gb) wrote: One of the greatest! Pure awesome!

Adam W (ca) wrote: This was one of those films you almost forget unless you take note of some of the top stars in the feature like Lance Henriksen,Emilio Estevez, Veronica Cartwright..